Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Random

Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  What a weird week it's been so far.  Yesterday I definitely ended up at work two hours late.  Sometimes if I use the same alarm ringer for long periods of time I start to tune it out and I must have reached that point yesterday.  It was set and I just turned it off while I was asleep because instead of waking up at 6am, I casually rose at 7:45 and thought...man, it seems really light out.  Oops!  Tomorrow I am meeting with a surgeon to discuss when my gallbladder comes out, hopefully it's soon, like this week perhaps.  I am prepared to beg haha!  

This weeks TT prompt was to pick random polishes, two or more and make them work together.  I did have my husband pull three polishes on Saturday but I just couldn't pull it together in time.  Yesterday was not a good pain day so I worked with what I had on, sorry about that!  I did happen to see a double rainbow this morning on the way to work so I take that as a sign that it's alright to post this though ;)

For my base I started with a pinky neutral, OPI My Very First Knockwurst.  For the sparse rainbow glitter, I used a pretty drugstore glitter that I found a few weeks ago, Maybelline Color Show Mosaic Prism.  For my third and final polish, I decided to glitterbomb my accent nail with rainbow glitter using OPI Rainbow Connection.  I finished everything off with topcoat.

Sorry to my fellow Twinsies for cheating this week!  The next week or two are up in the air right now but I'll let you guys know what I find out tomorrow.  Check out the other Twinsies below :)

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon! These polishes look great together!

  2. I really like that pink base! It looks amazing.

  3. Great look; I love the colors you ended up with.

  4. Double rainbows mean all will be well! I love this pink on you.

  5. I must look into OPI's Rainbow Connection - it's always a challenge finding a glitter with substance where you don't have to use like 5 coats. :-)

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