Thursday, October 30, 2014

Nailstalgia-Zoya Happi

Hi there everyone, happy Halloween.  I hope you are having a great Friday.  I made it through all my appointments yesterday.  I think I'm just a little anxious because I've been in the house for so long haha!  I have a busy weekend ahead so it's time to test that stamina, at least it's filled with fun things though :)

For today's Nailstagia post we went with something cheery and bright to warm up this cold, gloomy, and rainy weather.  It's funny because I haven't been in the nail community for that long so all of the polishes we do for these posts are usually unknown to me.  Today's polish wasn't one I had heard of but it's a really intriguing polish.

Zoya's Happi was originally released in the Spring 2010 Reverie Collection which was advertised as a collection of metallics.  People seem to be pretty hit or miss on how they feel on metallics, but I personally love them.  Happi is a bubblegum pink metallic with a gold duochrome.  How cool and unique is that combination?

I actually thought the formula would be sheer but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't.  I ended up using two coats with topcoat.  Sorry for the boo boo on my pointer finger... I of course hit it on my lightbox.  So overall, good formula and really interesting color.

For having never heard about Zoya Happi, I was really pleased.  I can definitely see this as a great Spring and Summer polish.  I has that great bubblegum/cotton candy color to it and the gold duochrome is something cool that I've never seen before.  Is Zoya Happi a polish in your collection?


  1. WOW two coats looks awesome on your nails! It was definitely sheerer for me. I think maybe having shorter nail beds makes the nail line darker? That's my theory, otherwise....LOL I dunno! Such a pretty shade though.

  2. Its pretty! That shimmer makes this polish have such a pretty glow to it.

  3. Chi, Zoya is having a sale. 3 bottles of polish for $15. So if Happi is one you'd like to own, bows a good time to check it out. There are more details on the Zoya blog and website.

  4. Have this one -- the one I really adore is from the Sunshine collection, Kimmy - but out of that same collection is one called Rica that has the similar coloring as Happi only in a more flec version.