Monday, October 13, 2014

Zoya Ignite and Entice Polish Comparisons

Hi there everyone, welcome to Monday.  I hope you all are doing well and had a good weekend.  Things are getting a little better pain wise here.  I also figured out a way to get down to my lightbox so I think I will be slowly be swatching again.  I don't think there was going to be any way I couldn't swatch for two weeks, that would just be sad haha!  Other than that I've definitely cleared up my DVR and had lots of kitty snuggling time, including a cute little tabby right now :)

Today I have a large comparison of both the Zoya Ignite and Entice collections.  This will be quite the lengthy post so let's get right into it!

First up, Zoya Charla Vs. Zoya Remy.  Battle of the mermaid polishes.  Zoya Charla was one of those overly hyped polishes but I didn't really care for it when I got it.  I needed three coats and it was a little bit sheer and jelly-like.  Zoya Remy is much deeper in color and has great coverage in two coats.

My pick-Zoya Remy

Next up is Zoya Sansa Vs. OPI DS Mystery.  These two are very close, both being deep purple eggplant colors with strong gold shimmer.  Both had really good formulas, Sansa is slighly more purple and Mystery is deeper in color.

My pick-Zoya Sansa.  With these being so close, Sansa wins because the price point is much lower.

Up next, Zoya Autumn Vs. Zoya Channing, both polishes from Fall collections, one from this year, one from last year.  In the bottle, they were very similar but on the swatch wheel, they were clearly very different.  Autumn is a shimmery copper and Channing is a metallic vibrant orange copper.  Great formulas on both.

My pick-Both!

Up next, Zoya Ryan Vs. OPI Incognito in Sausalito.  Both are deep dark blues, near black polishes, cream in formula.  Zoya Ryan leans a little bit more blue and Sausalito is a little bit darker.

My pick-Either is fine depending on ease of availability to you.

Up next, a big caramel colored polish comparison.  Zoya Flynn and Zoya Nyssa are close in tone but are a little darker/lighter than one another.  As you can see, the other two comparisons are much warmer in tone.

My pick-OPI Ice Bergers & Fries, I prefer it with my skin tone.

Next up, Zoya Claire Vs. OPI Visions of Love, both a deep vampy burgundy cream.  I would call these two dupes and boy do I love them both.  Both have great formulas and both are glassy and super glossy on the nail.

My pick-Either is fine depending on ease of availability to you.

Up next is a blue grey slate cream comparison.  Zoya Kelly is the lightest of the group and has a tinge more purple, Geneviev gave me trouble with three coats and is the deepest of the three, and Julep Josphine is right in the middle.

My pick-Zoya Kelly  It's got a superior formula to Zoya Geneviev.

Wow, lots of similar colors here.  These are all very similar but Margo stands out to me as having a richer slightly warmer color than the rest.  All of these have great formulas so I think the pick on this one would have to come down to personal preference :)

Another close call on this round of comparisons, this time with berry tones.  OPI Miami Beet looks a little bit brighter to me.  Zoya Veronica and OPI Manicurist of Seville look very close but Veronica maybe looks a tad bit deeper.

My picks-OPI Miami Beet (for its vibrancy) and Zoya Veronica (for its availability over Seville)

I hope this comparison helped you guys out in some way :)  There are still lots of Fall collections to take a look at coming soon!


  1. So helpful to see them compared here!

  2. Great post, thank you!
    I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, don't push yourself too fast though, your body needs time to recover (god, I sound like a mom!!)! :)

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