Monday, September 30, 2013

Incoco polish strips: Bone Rattling

*Press Sample

Hi everyone, welcome to Monday.  Today will be another quick post for me as I've somehow managed to get sick at a restaurant offering gluten free options.  Today I have a new set of Incoco nail strips.  I received a surprise nail mail last week with four brand new designs that are being released on October 2nd.  Today I have the first of the patterns, Bone Rattling, which features black and white skulls that also glow in the dark.

I really loved the design on these strips because they were halfway between real skulls and really cutesy skulls.  I had no problems with application with these and wore them for four and a half days before I removed them (an eternity in my standards).  When I removed them, there was still no wear after almost five days.  

I never realized how hard it was to take non-blurry dark pictures but below is my attempt.  At least you get the idea.  I took one photo in a semi-dark hallway and the second picture in a completely dark room.  I will say that the glow lasted all night long because when I woke up the next morning and they were still glowing.

I really enjoyed these polish strips.  These strips will be available for $8.99 on October 2nd and can be found at

*This product was received in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

OPI: Teal the Cows Come Home and Strawberry Margarita

Hi everyone, happy Sunday.  The internet is still spotty so I will be short and sweet with this one.  Today I have some swatches of two OPI polishes that I picked up recently.  The first, Teal the Cows Come Home, was a pick-me-up present from the hubby when I was having a particularly bad day awhile ago.  The second, Strawberry Margarita, is a polish I picked up when I was in Boston in August.  Let's get right into it!

Teal the Cows Come Home:

I love a good blue polish so naturally I really love this one :)  I believe this polish is part of the brights collection but it also has a touch of frostiness to it.  At first I was a little worried that this polish was really close to OPI Dining Al Frisco but it is completely different.  This polish is much more vibrant and bright.  The formula was great on this one, I used two easy coats with no topcoat below.

Strawberry Margarita:

This polish is pink perfection.  I'm pretty neutral when it comes to pinks, I don't love or dislike them but this one is by far my favorite in my entire collection.  This polish is a bright pink and it's such a perfect color.  I found the formula to be good on this one as well, two coats without topcoat below.

Do you own either of these colors?  If so, do you love them?  :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Candy Lacquer: Zombielicious

Hi everyone, I have been without wifi hence a lack of post yesterday and a late post today.  Today I have a quick post to show off a new polish that I purchased.  I have fallen in love with Candy Lacquer and the glitter combinations of the polishes.  Zombielicious is my second Candy Lacquer and I knew that I needed it considering my obsession with The Walking Dead and zombie novels.

Zombielicious is a blend of all sorts of glitters including multiple colors of greens, whites, black, yellow, purple, and pink.  I love it!  I used one coat of Zombielicious over OPI Strawberry Margarita.  No formula issues or complaints here, just a stunning polish!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Born Pretty Store: Bgirl Sparkle Yogurt Polishes

*Press Sample
Hi everyone, welcome to Thursday.  Today I have a review of some really pretty polishes from Born Pretty Store.  In the past I have reviewed some fantastic nail art supplies but today is my very first polish review.  

Today I have a four pack of mini polishes from Bgirl which feature four milky glitter polishes.  These polishes are item #6562 and can be found here.  The colors include an orange, a purple, a blue, and a green.

Each polish had a different mix of glitters and a different formula and I used topcoat for the final look.

Orange: Blue and pink glitters in an orangy-pink base; three coats for full coverage
Green: Pink, green, and purple glitter in a pastel green base; two coats for full coverage
Purple: Orange, blue, and purple glitters in a pastel purple base; two coats for full coverage
Blue: Pink and blue glitters in a sky blue pastel base; three coats for full coverage

Overall I really enjoyed these polishes and I would highly recommend them.  These polishes sell for $7.99 for the entire set and can be found here.  You can also use my coupon code below for an additional 10% off.

Born Pretty Store Link
*Polishes were received for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi everyone, happy Hump Day.  Today I finally managed to get a post done for the 31 day challenge.  I have some ideas for the next few so at least I will have done the majority of the challenge.  For some reason September is always the busiest time of year, work wise for me, and this year has been the worst out of the four years I've been here.  

Anyways, today I wanted to do a nail design based on Emmy fashion.  I saw mixed reviews of this pinky colored dress but I personally think that Rose rocked it.  I mean, look at how tiny her waist is, if anyone could pull off showing a little tummy, it's her.  I wanted to do a simple and sleek design just like the dress.  I started out with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff and then used a coat of Seche Vite to dry it.  I placed a thin line of tape horizontally and then used three coats of OPI Passion for the pink color.  I really like the result.  I think it's sleek but still very girly.

There you have it folks.  Happy Hump Day.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zoya Zenith Collection: Winter 2013

*Press Sample
Hi everyone, happy Tuesday.  Today I have a really exciting collection to show you, the Winter 2013 collection from Zoya called the Zenith Collection.  I saw the press release for these polishes and knew that this would be my favorite collection of the year, it even topped fall for me!  I love blue polishes and cool-toned polishes and these make up this entire collection.  Let's dive right in.


Seraphina is a silver shimmer that leans to the cool side of silver.  This polish was the perfect snowy winter polish.  The finish is gorgeous, just like glistening snow.  I used three thin coats for this polish to get it fully opaque.  The formula was good on this polish.  Three coats, no topcoat below.


Zoya calls Cassedy a pewter metallic whereas I would call Cassedy a green-leaning grey pewter shimmer.  Cassedy is gorgeous and it is unique from a typical grey shimmer polish.  I love the green tint to this polish, it really makes it feel festive.  This polish applied like a dream, two easy coats with no topcoat below.


Belinda is described as a cosmic purple metallic.  Belinda for me leans towards a blurple cool-toned metallic and I absolutely love it.  This polish has pink shimmer throughout and it just makes it so stunning and so glowy and vibrant.  Formula on this one was great, two coats without topcoat.


Payton is a wine colored holo polish and from the minute I put this one on, I was in love.  I normally don't gravitate towards the red spectrum but this one is a complete winner for me.  The color is a deep wine, plummy, deep cranberry color which feels so special and the holo is stunning.  Great formula on this one, two coats with topcoat.


Dream is a stunning cobalt blue holo polish like Payton.  It's blue, it's gorgeous, that is all :)  Two easy coats, no topcoat.


Mosheen is an icy blue glitter topper with microglitter and bar glitter.  I was skeptical I would like this one because of the bar glitter, however, the bar glitter was much smaller than those found in a typical polish.  I don't like bar glitter because it tends to stick up off of my nails and off of the edges creating little "catches" when the polish is dry.  This polish did not do that so I ended up really loving it.

First up is Mosheen over Seraphina.  This was the perfect icy winter mani combination.

Mosheen over Cassedy.

Mosheen over Belinda.

Mosheen over Payton.

Mosheen over Dream.

Well if you can't tell, I loved this collection.  I've never said this before, but my picks would be all of them.  This is definitely my favorite collection of the year :)

If you have a comparison request feel free to drop me a comment.  I have already planned on comparing Cassedy to OPI Haven't The Foggiest.  Let me know if you have a request, have a great day everyone.

*Products in this post were received in exchange for my honest opinion.

Monday, September 23, 2013

OPI Swatch Spam

Hi everyone!  I am finally back but still getting back into the swing of things.  It always throws me off to be in the field for work, especially for four days this time.  I'm usually so busy that by the time I'm done for the day, I'm exhausted and don't even think to open my computer.  This week I will be catching up on swatches.  I am super excited for the Zoya Winter collection, Zenith.  I've swatched two so far and I am really impressed.  

Today I am bringing out a post from the archives; some OPI swatch spam.  First up is OPI Stranger Tides.  I found this polish at TJ Maxx and picked it up because it is such a unique color.  If cream and army green had a child, this would be the result :)  I don't necessarily love the color but I think it's a great addition for some nail art.  The formula was good.  I used two easy coats below.

Next up is a polish that my hubby surprised me with after a particularly bad day.  How sweet is he?  OPI Pompeii Purple is a really unique color in that it seems to be a hot pink color with purple iridescence to it.  I really loved this color because of how unique it is.  Every time I moved my hand it looked like a different color.  The formula was good, below is two easy coats.

Last up is OPI Sparrow Me the Drama which I picked up with Stranger Tides.  I would describe this color as a pink leaning lavender.  The formula was a bit thin on this one and I needed three coats for full opacity.

There you have it folks, some pretty OPIs for this chilly Monday morning.  Do you own any of these colors?