Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vampy Glitter Chevron

Happy Sunday everyone.  I hope your weekend is going well.  Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch which of course is an annual tradition.  One of the best things is that our local orchard happens to be Wizard of Oz themed, how awesome and random is that?  It was freezing but it was worth it.  We tend to always go for random pumpkins each year.  One year we went with red pumpkins, another year it was grey pumpkins.  This year we went with a mixture of regular orange pumpkins and white pumpkins.  

Today was supposed to be working from home but the remote desktop system isn't working.  Instead it will be spent cleaning and binging on Netflix with the juxtaposition between Criminal Minds and Gilmore Girls :)  Today I want to share a simple combination of a vampy chevron I put together the other day.

For this combination, I started with a base of OPI Peace & Love & OPI.  Adding a chevron tip to a nail is a good way to add something simple to an existing manicure, especially if you want to disguise some tip wear and create a fresh manicure.  For my glitter tips, I used Butter London The Black Knight.  It ended up being thicker than I would have liked but you can't win them all...

There we have it, just a simple mani for a lazy Sunday :)