Monday, October 27, 2014

Pretty Serious Gruesome Groom

Hi there polish friends, welcome to Monday.  Well it's week 3 of my surgery recovery.  I didn't think it would take this long but things are getting better.  I did do some more things this weekend and it did feel good to get out of the house.  I love how "Fall" it looks outside with all of the leaves changing and the cooler weather.  Even though it was really late, I even got out the Halloween decorations last night :)

Today I have a fun Indie polish to share with you that made its way all the way to me from Australia.  I mentioned before I got a huge deal on some polishes from a fellow blogger and this was one of the ones that I picked out.  Since it is Halloween week, I figured it was the perfect time to show it.  I actually wore it weeks ago because I think it's a great Fall time polish.

Gruesome Groom is actually a much more complex of a polish than I originally thought and it's really cool!  At its base its a murky olive swampy green.  The main glitter in the polish is a bloody red hex glitter in a medium size and a tiny size as well.  The surprising dynamic part of this polish is the blue/purple shimmer in the green base.  

This polish was really opaque and it covered really easily in two coats.  I liked that the green didn't swallow the shimmer or the red glitters and everything was easily seen.  I used two easy coats with topcoat below.

This is my first experience with Pretty Serious and I am very pleased.  I loved the quality and opaqueness of the polish and this was such a unique polish, especially for Fall and Halloween!  What are your thoughts on this polish?  Do you have a favorite from this brand, leave me a comment down below!  This polish can be found here.


  1. OMG <3 This nail polish is so awesome <3

  2. How is this so adorable?! I feel like it should be all muddy or dark, but it's bright and crisp and you're right--totally perfect for fall!