Sunday, October 12, 2014

OPI Swatch Spam!

Hi there polish friends, welcome to Sunday!  I am not fully back yet but I wanted to ease slowly back into things with one of my favorite types of posts, swatch spam.  I had my gallbladder removed on Friday morning.  Everything went fine and I was back home Friday afternoon.  To be completely honest, yesterday was hell.  Very very painful and very sore.  I just pretty much was exhausted and waiting until my next dose of pain meds.  I think today will be slightly better than yesterday though and somehow yesterday I even managed to paint my nails haha!

Today I have some OPI swatch spam to share with you, all colors that I have worn recently.  Let's dig right in...

First up, OPI Dim Sum Plum.  This pretty purple number was such a lemming of mine because it's such a gorgeous color.  I would describe this one as a warm dusty plum purple cream.  The formula was great and I used two coats with topcoat below.

Second up is a random OPI that I treated myself to at a recent trip to Sally's, OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight.  This polish is a deep vampy purple with a hint of metallic touch to it.  I really enjoy polishes with that metallic look to it and this one didn't hold on to any brushstrokes.  The formula was great on this one as well, two coats with topcoat below.

Next up, the type of red I love to wear, deep maroon reds.  There's something about a cool maroon red that is so sassy and beautiful.  I just love colors like this.  OPI Skyfall is a deep maroon red cream and it's creamy and stunning.  I used two coats with topcoat below.

Last up is a special edition glitter that came from a beauty supply store.  It came with OPI Incognito in Sausalito and is limited edition.  A friend picked this up for me since I don't have a cosmetology license but this beauty is definitely worth it.

OPI Wine and Dine Me is a glitter mix in a slightly purple tinted base.  I used OPI Dim Sum Plum as my base color and you can see that it comes out a little bit deeper in color.  The glitters are pink, purple, blue, and green, and a bunch of different sizes.  This one is similar to OPI but also very different because of the tinted base and different glitters.  I used one coat plus topcoat.

What do you think of these polishes?  Do you own any of these?  What has been your favorite OPI recently?


  1. These are lovely swatches and so perfect for fall too!

  2. Ah, Dim Sum Plum is a favorite of mine! Looks awesome on your nails! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  3. Dim Sum Plum looks absolutely stunning on you! Hope you won't have any pain anymore and wishing you all the best!!

  4. I think Dim Sum Plum is gorgeous, especially with the glitter topper. I'm currently wearing Elephantastic Pink which is my most recent OPI purchase and current favourite. It's a bright, happy pink and I like the slightly translucent finish. I'm glad to hear that your op went well and I do hope that you feel more comfortable soon. In the meantime, I think painkillers and polish are a very good idea. :)

  5. Hi! I've just come across your blog today, and am already in a state of mani- lust! ;-) I'd love to see 'Wine Me And Dine Me' next to', the second of which I already own and love... and although I believe you when you say they're not dupes, tbh from here they look bloomin' close - please help! Tx