Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gallbladder Surgery Update!

Hi everyone, welcome to Thursday.  Boy was yesterday one heck of a day!  I met with my surgeon for the first time and long story surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  This will be my last post before then as I'm sure I'll be too nervous to post tomorrow morning.  

So yesterday in the span of a day I met with him for my appointment, realized my boss wasn't going to be at work before I was gone, met with the section head, went on FMLA for work, panicked a bunch, and now am trying to get myself ready at work in the first part of today and ready at home in the second part of today.  They did tell me that I won't return to work for a full two weeks and after that I'll still be on a driving restriction since we do fieldwork along with our 9 hour drives when we do fieldwork.  

I just wanted to give a quick update as I'm sure I'll disappear for at least a few days.  I will be posting sporadically though.  I do have quite a few posts and videos pre-done so those will go up when I get a chance to write and edit them.  I had planned on working while I was at home but I was told no.  It's too complicated of a work situation to explain but I will end up taking a hit at work this year but in the end health is more important.  In the meantime I will be brainstorming what to do for the next two weeks that involves no movement.  Maybe leave your Netflix recommendations in the comments down below :)


  1. Hope the surgery goes well for you!

  2. Good luck! Catch up on seasons 1-2 of Arrow! Also, the Rehab Addict Collection is great. :)

  3. I'm glad you're getting the medical help that you need. I hope you get better soon! We will miss you while you're gone but it will be good when you are healthy. I don't know if you watched it already but Breaking Bad is a must see.I also really likes orange is the new black and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog if you haven't seen it. That one is just a movie thing, but it's very interesting and creative.

  4. Sending you good vibes for the surgery! <3