Monday, October 20, 2014

China Glaze Halloween 2014 Collection-Apocalypse of Color

Hi everyone, welcome to Monday.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was the same old same old here.  We did have a great time yesterday with our friends who came over to hang out.  They knew I couldn't do anything so we spent the entire time watching 90's shows like Power Rangers and Legends of the Hidden Temple and laughing our butts off.  It was great :)  This week will be my second week at home recovering after surgery.  

Today I have swatches of the entire China Glaze Apocalypse of Color Collection and this was the collection I really was looking forward to when I heard about it.  This collection consists of five new polishes and one repeat polish, the glow-in-the-dark topcoat.  Let's get right to it.

But of Corpse-

First up is a really unique polish, one that I really haven't seen before.  At it's base, this polish is a grassy metallic green polish with black, gold, and silver shimmer.  The formula was a little bit interesting on this one, one that you have to be careful with to not overwork, but overall I didn't have any problems with.  I used two coats with no topcoat and you can see that it dries to a satin finish.  This one can be a one coater if you are careful.

I Love Your Guts-

Next up is the...creepy cousin (?) of the first polish.  Same idea, but opposite color theme.  I Love Your Guts is a pinky red base with black and silver microglitter.  This formula was the same as the polish above.  Just be prepared for a really opaque formula and go for as few strokes as possible.  I used two coats with no topcoat below.

Ghoulish Glow-

I wanted to show Ghoulish Glow briefly below because it is part of this collection, although it has been released before.  As you can see I just slapped two coats on my bare nails and it does leave a little bit of a chalky film on top which could be smoothed out with topcoat.

Don't Let the Dead Bite-

Next up is a really unique offering of the group, which to me looks like ground up guts.  Don't Let the Dead Bite is a pale pink jelly base with a ton of different sizes of red glitter.  The formula was good on this one and I used two coats with topcoat below.

Getting to Gnaw You-

Next up is the ultimate Halloween-colored polish in my opinion.  Getting to Gnaw You is a black-based polish with orangey copper microglitter.  I really liked that the glitter didn't get lost in the base.  This polish was super opaque and it was perfect in two coats.  It does dry textured but topcoat makes it nice and shiny.  I wore this one to the pumpkin patch this year and it was perfect.  I used two coats with topcoat below.

Rest in Pieces-

Last up of the group is the true glitter topper, Rest in Pieces.  This polish is a mix of gold and black glitter is mostly hex and bar glitters.  It is a little bit heavy on clear base so I ended up using two coats of the glitter over Barielle Moda Bleu.  I did finish off with topcoat.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this collection.  I really like the zombie, ghoulish theme as I'm a huge fan of zombie fiction and shows like The Walking Dead.  My favorites are But of Corpse and Getting to Gnaw You.  What do you think of this collection?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sparitual Nomad (and comparison to Butter London Wallis)

Hi there polish friends!  I hope your weekend is off to a good start.  I'm definitely in a much better mood this morning.  I hadn't slept for a week so I called the doctor's office yesterday and they recommended I basically drug myself with benedryll before bed haha!  I did that last night and ended up sleeping 12 hours last night.  It felt so good :)  

Today I have a unique polish to share with you, one my mom and I both got on our little excursion to Ulta on Wednesday.  Besides yesterday, that's the only time I've been out all week.  My mom first spotted this polish and I thought it was such a unique color.  Let's take a look below.

Sparitual Nomad is my first experience with a Sparitual polish and it was quite a pleasant one.  My mom and I both got a bottle of this same polish, which is a brown leaning green base with a strong pink shimmer.  Another unique quality to this polish is that is dries to a matte finish.

The formula was nice and opaque and great to work with on this polish.  I had no problems whatsoever and I used two coats with no topcoat below to maintain that matte finish below.

Below is a swatch with topcoat and I think this looks really pretty.

Below I have a comparison with Butter London Wallis.  On the first coat, these looked really similar.  When I applied the second coat, it was much more apparent that they were different.  Butter London Wallis leans much more green and dries shiny.  Sparitual Nomad has a browner tone, it also has that pink shimmer, and dries matte.

Here are the bottles next to each other for reference.

What do you think of this polish?  I was quite impressed and really enjoyed it.  I already have my eye on a second Sparitual polish that I want to try :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer-Mega Review!

 *Press Samples
Hi polish friends, happy Friday!  I hope the week has been treating you well.  A big thank you to everyone who has reached out to me privately and on social media asking me how I'm doing.  I am currently one week out from surgery, pretty bored, still in pain (but I'm a really slow healer), and not sleeping at all.  My current daily highlight is streaming the 90s game show Supermarket Sweep on the tv when my husband gets home and yelling out the answers and at the contestants :)  I also usually have a cat on me at all times, like right now :)

Today I am excited to share with you five polishes from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, which is an Indie brand that I just love the name of!  Julie, the creator, has many new releases and restocks this month so I will be mentioning the specific information for each polish below to keep it nice and simple.  I can't wait to show you these beauties!

2000 Years-

Holy crap!  Do you see this???  This is one of the coolest polishes I have ever seen.  2000 years is a brand new polish in the Doctor Who Collection and it's part of the Gents of Doctor Who.  This polish is inspired by Rory Williams (Pond) and it's a microglitter polish in a clear base.  The colors in the microglitter consist of blue, silver, purple, and aqua.  Besides this polish being absolutely breathtaking, it's opaque in two coats.  It's made to dry textured but I added a coat of topcoat to make it shiny. 

Release information- October 26th, 3:30 pm edt

Noticing Face-

Like the polish above, the next polish also is a newly released polish from the Gents of Doctor Who Collection and also like the polish above, it is a breathtaking polish.  This polish is inspired by Craig Owens and it's a deep violet jelly polish with gold, blue, and purple holo microglitters.  I love that the holo microglitters really stood out against the base and don't get lost at all.  The formula was great on this polish and even with it being a jelly, I used two coats with topcoat below.

Release information- October 26th, 3:30 pm edt

Newly Impassioned Soul-

This polish is part of the Fan Favorites and it is the epitome of a Barbie pink in a bottle....and I love it :)  Barbie would definitely have some shoes in this shimmery pink.  This polish is a hot pink crelly with pale green flakes.  The polish was on the sheer side and does dry matte but it was easy to work with.  I used three coats with topcoat below.

Release information-Available now

If You're a Seascape-

Okay, the next one has a little disclaimer.  I don't color edit my photos at all, the color of the polish is the color is showed up on me.  So this polish is a coral holo, but as you can see below, it leans very rosy, pinky/purple on me.  I'm not quite sure why that happened but I swear this is what it looks like in the bottle to me :)

If You're a Seascape is actually a coral holo with strong pink shimmer, on me it looks like a pink/purple holo with strong pink shimmer.  The formula was great on this one and very opaque.  I did notice this one dried semi-matte so I used two coats with topcoat below.

Release information-Available now

Watch the Walls-

Last up is an ultra cute glitter mix that has a lot of personality.  Watch the Walls has a base of iridescent blue/purple/pink shifting shimmer which is something I haven't really seen before and it also includes neon pink, hot orange, watermelon, neon yellow, neon blue, holo blue, holo red, holo purple, large red dots, large pink butterflies, and tiny orange stars.  Fun right?  

I loved how packed the shimmery base was because it really covered the nail fully without having to work at it.  I also didn't have to dig for any glitters, not even the butterflies, they came out of the bottle easily.  I used one coat over OPI Dim Sum Plum and followed up with topcoat.

Release information-Available now

Overall I was pleased with every single polish and had no complaints with any of them.  My hands down favorites were the first two, 2000 Years and Noticing Face, they are absolutely stunning, seriously, they are stunning.  Let me know what you think of these polishes down below.

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*Polishes in this post were sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barielle Me Couture Collection-Fall 2014

 *Press Samples
Hi everyone, welcome to Wednesday.  I hope this week has been treating you well.  Today I have a new collection from Barielle to share with you and I'm really excited about this one.  The Me Couture Collection features six colors, mostly creams and they all are very Fall.  Let's get right into these pretty polishes!

Berry Posh-berry fuchsia cream

Berry Posh is a perfect Fall berry color and the formula was as perfect as the color.  I used two easy coats with topcoat below.   

Moda Bleu-deep midnight blue jelly

These almost blue blacks are very trendy this year and Moda Bleu fits the bill on this one.  Moda Bleu is a jelly formula but it does build up nicely in three thin coats.  The formula is semi sheer but it was easy to work and I had no problems building it up.  Three coats with topcoat below.

Soho at Night-dusty medium grape purple

Soho at Night is a medium grape-y purple cream but the formula left a lot to be desired.  While it was clear that Moda Bleu was supposed to be a jelly, it was unclear what this polish was supposed to be.  It had the consistency of a watered-down cream.  The formula was very sheer and I needed three coats plus topcoat for my swatches.

Taupe Notch-very grey leaning dark taupe cream

Taupe Notch is a very interesting color and one of my favorites in the entire group.  This polish leans very grey on me but does have a hint of taupe and a hint of purple.  The formula was nice and creamy and opaque and I used two coats with topcoat below.

Vintage Gown-rosy pink tan with hidden shimmer

Vintage Gown is the only polish of the group with shimmer in it, but it does disappear when applied on the nail.  Vintage Gown is an interesting mauve-y color and is perfect for Fall.  I had no issues with the formula on this one and I used two coats with topcoat below.

Boho Chic-deep sea green cream

I saved my hands down favorite for last.  Boho Chic is a deep sea green, very dark and vampy, and such a gorgeous color.  I don't have anything like this in my collection and it's the kind of color that makes me drool :)  The formula was perfection was I used two coats with topcoat below.

Overall there are some real winners in this collection and I really like the mix of colors.  My favorites are Boho Chic, Taupe Notch, and Berry Posh.  The only one I would really skip would be Soho at Night because of the formula issues.  You can find these polishes here.

*Polishes in this post were received for review in exchange for my honest opinion.