Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Summer to Fall Transitional Polish

Hi chickadees, welcome to Tuesday.  I hope you all are doing well.  Yesterday was good.  I thought it would be more relaxing but in the end we decided to massively clean our house before our friends came over but it looks good so I can't complain.  Our friends and their cute little baby came over for dinner and we ended up watching Parks and Rec on Netflix so it was nice to just take it easy and hang out.  It also turns out our cats are terrified of babies.  One wouldn't come out of our bedroom, one freaked out when she cried and then really needed to be pet by us, and then the third cat actually sniffed her, was okay, and then when she cried, hid under a desk.  Definitely not the reactions I was expecting.  

Today's prompt was one I really enjoyed.  I really love this idea of transitional polishes and for some reason, this seasonal transition seems like a bigger one than normal.  I personally have moved away from all the brights but I'm not quite ready to rock deep vampy shades either since it has still been in the upper 80's and 90's here.  It's hotter now than it's been all Summer.  Today I have a polish I wore for three days last week and still didn't want to take off!

Yep, it's not an OPI!  Picture Polish is a brand that I have always admired from afar but the price tag always scares me away.  I actually bought this polish from a blogger in Australia for an amazing deal and that's how it ended up with me.  Initially I thought this polish would be your average bright pink but I was wrong.  While it is a fairly bright pink cream, I definitely pick up on berry tones in this polish, at least that's how it wore on me.  I think that mix of bright plus the berry make it a great transitional color.

The formula was great on the polish.  I haven't tried many Picture Polishes, but the ones I have tried I noticed a slightly thicker than average formula.  However, that thicker formula helps to make the polish really opaque in application.  I used two coats but I bet if I was careful I could have used one thick coat.  All swatches are with topcoat.

Overall I'm in love with this color and I can't wait to wear it again.  I'm all about a good transitional color right now and I can't wait to see what my fellow Twinsies pick!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

OPI DS Lapis-Swatches and Review

Hi polish friends, welcome to Monday.  Happy Labor Day to my American friends, hopefully you are enjoying the day off....that's why this post is much later in the morning because you know I slept in ;)  I've been gone a few days.  I've actually felt sick since last Thursday with some stomach issues and then on Saturday I figured it out.  I've mentioned my extensive food allergies before but I've been diagnosed for over a year now and have had a good handle on it for awhile.  I actually thought I had the stomach flu but I just made a dumb food mistake.  I was eating 5 Gobstoppers a night, and they contain gluten.  My mom had given them to us and I didn't think to look them up so I had been eating them since last weekend.  It was just a dumb mistake so I've just been letting my stomach recover.  We have taken it pretty easy this weekend, with some light shopping and then I had a little What Not to Wear marathon on Netflix along with a polish swatching marathon.

Today I have a quick post, not only because it's later in the day but because our friends are coming over tonight and you know that means we need to clean our house!  Today I have a polish released last year, one of the two polishes released from the OPI DS line.  I just got last year's polishes about a week ago, but this year's releases should be arriving in my mailbox this week so I wanted to at least show this beforehand.

Last years DS polishes had a theme of drying to a slightly textured finish and being a matte and not glossy finish.  I think that's what had me hung up on not buying them.  I'm an avid OPI collector but I haven't really gotten into the DS polishes.  I thought the releases from last year looked gorgeous but textured polishes were never really my thing.  I haven't tried the second polish yet, but this one is quite different from a regular liquid sand OPI.  I finally decided to get them and I'm happy to say that they are just slightly textured.

DS Lapis is a gorgeous microglitter-bomb of denim navy blue glitters.  It's a little on the thick side but that does make it really opaque.  I didn't have any issues with formula at all and I ended up using two coats for these first matte looking swatches.  The color of this polish is just stunning and it reminds me so much of blue jeans.

This next picture below actually pains me to put up but I had to, I just had to.  I wore this polish for one day.  I applied it at night, wore it through a morning shower, then to work, and then took the picture below right when I got home from work.  So this is less then 24 hours worth of wear for me.  This polish chipped like crazy and this isn't even my dominant hand.  Every corner and edge looked like this.  I was so disappointed I had to show it.

After that chippy aftermath, let's look at this polish glossy.  I haven't tested the wear time of this polish glossy, I can only hope that it performs better than it did matte.  It does look pretty darn pretty glossy though.

For those of you that own this polish, does it wear like this for you?  I can only hope topcoat will fix the chipping problem for me, otherwise it's just a pretty bottle of polish to look at on my shelf...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Nailstalgia-Zoya Kelly

Hi there everyone, second post for today.  Isn't it great that the only post I needed to remember to put up this month....which I even wrote in my planner...I then forgot.  Apologies to my fellow Nailstalia ladies.  Pre-medication days I could remember everything, like almost photographically, now I swear I remember absolutely nothing.  It was my superpower...which is now gone.  I like to think we all have some small or big superpower, normal or strange.  My husband's would be growing a beard in a day, I kid you not.  If you have a secret superpower, leave a comment down below!

Today's Nailstalgia polish is Zoya Kelly.  I wrote a post on this polish in March, which I will include here.  Zoya Kelly is a polish I randomly picked up at Ulta because my mom's name is Kelly.  I thought it was a unique polish because it's blue, it's grey, and it's a little bit purple all in a beautiful cream form.

I think that this was the perfect polish for this month's Nailstalgia because I personally feel like Zoya Kelly is a fantastic transition polish into Fall.  It's a darker cream polish but it doesn't go into vampy deep territory.  The formula on this polish has that fantastic Zoya cream formula and I used two easy coats.

Zoya Kelly is actually one of my favorite Zoya polishes.  It's a really unique blue-grey cream and it's just a grey chic color.  Do you own this one?

Celestial Cosmetics Sun Kissed (i.e. AMAZING HOLO)

Hi there everyone, happy Friday.  Yes, the title was totally necessary.  Let me get this out of the way....I don't really care for holos.  Yes, shock, gasp, horror, I know.  I'm not sure what it is about them.  I think the ones I've tried haven't been strong enough....until now.  There's a little spoiler alert for you!  I am very excited that it is the Friday before a holiday weekend.  Last weekend we were away from home and it was crazy busy so it will be nice to slow down.  The bummer is that the weather is supposed to be really stormy and rainy the entire time.  Usually we go to the movies but I think we've exhausted that resource.  So far nothing is planned so I'm trying to rack my brain for ideas.  I also finally finished a project at work that has been stressing me so that feels good as well!

Onto the polish!  I won this polish is a big Indie giveaway awhile back and I thought it was the perfect time to bring it out because it reminded me of Fall.  I don't like holos but I liked the burnt orange sort of color so I went with it.  Holy cow, the holo in the polish is nothing I have ever seen before.  I have never seen a holo that could be seen in absolutely all lights, indoors, low lights, no matter what it looked spectacular.  This polish was it :)

Can you tell I liked this polish???  Sun Kissed is a rusty burnt orange linear holographic polish and it is so darn cool.  The formula was amazing and I needed two easy coats to get the look you see in my swatches.  I'm not a holo expert so I wasn't sure if topcoat would enhance or dull the holo effect so I opted to skip it.  I wore this polish for a day without topcoat and I had no wear issues at all, plus look at how shiny it is sans topcoat.

Overall I couldn't be more thrilled with this polish.  I think the color is perfection, especially for Fall and it has seriously changed my mind about holographic polishes.  If all holos looked like this, I would definitely understand what the craze is about :D  You can find this polish here.  So tell me, are you a holo lover?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Greyscale Gerbers

Whoa....scary right???  Let's just try it and see how it goes.  I've recently been getting into fashion, or at least what I deem to be fashion so I thought I would do some "outfit of the days" to see how I get on with them.  As I mentioned in my blog post this morning, it won't be an every day thing and it won't affect my nail posts that go up every morning.

Today's outfit was worn yesterday, Wednesday, to work and the rest of the day to run errands, returns to Loft and dinner at Chipotle.  Man what a thrilling life I lead.  We don't have a dress code at work so this outfit is the norm for me, sometimes nicer than what I've worn in the past....ooops!  I've been trying to dress nicer lately though because when I dress nicer I feel better.  I love this shirt that I recently picked up at Target so I went completely greyscale yesterday to go with my shirt :)

Shirt-Target, here
Pants-Loft, old
Sandals-Target, here

China Glaze The Giver-Part 1

Hi guys, happy Thursday.  So did I freak you out yesterday with the idea of the makeup and fashion blog?  If so, I didn't mean to.  I sat down and thought about it yesterday and came up with a plan I think is really going to work.  My plan is to write supplement posts to this current blog with fashion and makeup.  There are two stipulations.  First, this will still primarily be a nail blog, there will still be blog posts every day with nails, in the mornings, like there always have been.  Second, if there is a makeup or fashion post for that day, I will put it up in the afternoon and they won't be every day.  I hope this is a good compromise for everyone.  I'm doing this not to change what I currently have, but to do something for myself, that makes me happy as a person.  I took the first step and the first post will be going up this afternoon.  I am nervous about it but the pictures have been approved by my sister so at least I know it's not a complete train wreck haha!

Today I have some swatches of several polishes I picked up from The Giver collection recently released by China Glaze.  This is a big collection of 12 polishes to go along with the release of the movie that came out on August 15.  I came across some of the polishes about a month ago in Iowa but they only had some of the colors.  My stores here in Illinois are just now starting to get them. 

Capacity To See Beyond

Come on, I had to go for the aqua blue.  This polish is a bright aqua blue cream with a great formula.  The polish was smooth and easy to apply.  I used two coats with topcoat below.

Intelligence, Integrity & Courage

Next up is a medium grey cream polish.  I love a good grey cream and this one was really pretty.  This grey is more of a blue-grey meaning that it has a cooler base to it.  I had no issue with application on this one, two coats with topcoat below.

The Outer Edge

Last from this Part 1 of the collection is an interesting glitter topper.  The Outer Edge is a white and silver glitter topper comprised mostly of little glitter particles.  I'm not sure if it was my base, but I had a hard time seeing the silver glitter in this one.  It might have been too close in color to the white.  Regardless it's definitely an interesting polish and I can see it as a real winner in the Winter.  I used one coat over China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You, plus topcoat.

I have a few others from this collection yet to try but I'm a little meh right now on this collection.  Obviously I haven't tried them all but the first two colors are definitely dupeable.  I do like the third glitter but I wonder how versatile it will be.  Have you picked up any polishes from The Giver collection?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked

Hi guys, welcome to Wednesday.  Thank you for all the support yesterday as I confessed my current struggles with some depression.  I'm not sure why I always confess emotional things on Tuesdays, it's probably because the Twinsies have become a really close support group.  I do plan on replying to each and every one of you.  I am happy to report that I did drag myself to the doctor yesterday and we came up with a plan and a backup plan if that didn't work.  Said plan is already being implemented (cryptic much?) and I am hopeful.  

There is something else on my mind that I wanted to discuss with you guys.  I've been contemplating the idea of starting a fashion blog, maybe something like outfit/makeup of the day.  I've only recently become interested in makeup and clothes so I'm no expert but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or if I have the guts to do it.  I do think if I do it it will make me happy.  That's what makes me think I should do it.  It would be a big step for me so I wanted to know what you guys think before I make the big leap :)

For today's polish I have a recent clearance find from one of Sally's 50% off clearance sales.  I normally don't find anything in these sales but I checked anyways and I noticed some colors from China Glaze's Summer collection, including this pretty orange number.  For some reason, most of the oranges I own tend to be cool tones and I always need a warm orange peel type color for nail art but never have it.  Here it is!

Stoked to be Soaked is a vibrant warm orange cream and I was happily surprised with both the color and formula of this polish.  I had no formula issues and I used two easy coats with topcoat below.

Overall I'm very pleased with this polish.  I'm not sure when I'll get to the other colors because Summer is flying by but this one is a winner in my book.