Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Minimalistic

Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  Yesterday was my first day back at work.  I'm trying very hard to have a positive outlook on my life now.  I really think this surgery was my new jumping off point.  I'm healthy now after so many months of migraines and then this gallbladder stuff.  I had a terrible year at work for health reasons and eventually had to settle with not making my yearly points and getting a bad review, but it's time to start fresh with all things, especially right before the holidays.  Speaking of work, I made it through the morning really well, but then kind of hit the wall in the afternoon.  I did make it through the whole day though, but I did want to go to bed at 6:15 last night :)

I will apologize in advance for not really completing the theme today.  I wanted to do a nice chevron accent nail but seeing as how I was ready for bed at 6:15 last night it didn't really happen.  I literally was just a lump under my heated blanket and was snuggled with a kitty that missed having me home the last three weeks.  So for today I just have a swatch I've been holding onto for awhile, that's about as minimalist as it gets right?

Essie Sexy Divide is a polish I picked up a few months ago with some Kohls cash.  That's usually how I pick up all my random Essie additions.  Sexy Divide is a deep blue/purple shimmer that was released in the Winter 2008 collection.  I thought it would be great for the Winter months and it's not a color that I have in my collection.  For my it leans pretty blue but you can definitely see those flashes of violet on certain angles of the nail.

The formula was great and I used two easy coats with topcoat for all my swatches.

Overall I'm really happy with this Essie.  Again, sorry for failing on the minimalism front, I'm sure my fellow Twinsies will have done better than me :)

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  1. Its a pretty color. No worries on doing what you originally planned to do for the theme. All that matters is your health!

  2. Magnificent color! And here's to the start of a healthier, happier year!