Friday, November 28, 2014

Nailstalgia-OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Hi there everyone, I hope all of my American friends had a happy Thanksgiving.  I have a really quick Nailstalgia post today which I'm writing in between Black Friday shopping for eight hours and then heading down to Chicago with the family for a play and dinner.  

Today's Nailstalgia is OPI's Black Cherry Chutney.  I had found this polish in a set in my local TJMaxx and it looked like a dark vampy beauty.  To me it is a deep purple black cherry color.  For my swatches I used two coats but it definitely could have used a quick third coat.  Swatches are with topcoat.

Sorry for the express edition of Nailstalgia today but I'm off to go get ready :)  Plus I just ate two HoHos and now I have a sugar rush!  Black Cherry Chutney didn't live up to my expectations of being a vampy two coat shimmer but it is a pretty color.  I think there are better colors out there in the OPI range though.  Is this a color you have in your collection?


  1. I kind of like it on you at two coats! One thin coat and one thick coat on me, and it was so, so dark!

  2. Just like you, I thought it was a vampy shade but I must say I really like it even if it's not. I'm in the right mood for this kind of polishes, lately. It's super classy IMHO.