Monday, November 10, 2014

New Video-October 2014 Empties! (+An Exciting Allergen Update)

Hi everyone, welcome to Monday.  Today I have a new video up, which is hopefully one of many to be coming soon!  I had a crazy busy weekend, even though the in-laws cancelled last minute Friday night.  Friday my mom came down and we went to a craft fair and then out to dinner out Outback.  Saturday the hubs and I drove to this very rustic home decor store an hour away to buy Christmas decor and then came back and saw Interstellar in Imax.  Then yesterday we did shopping in the am and spent several hours at our friends house playing Mario Kart on their new Wii U, which was awesome!  

One of the most exciting things however, is that I ate ALLERGEN FOODS!  It's funny because everyone I talked to after surgery, including several doctors, said that my gallbladder could have been causing my food allergies.  I just didn't really believe it and then something compelled me to take a bite of a gingerbread twix at the craft fair on Friday (I never cheat by the way) and I didn't get sick, didn't get a rash.  Later that night I ate a little bit of cheese at Outback!  So far I've tried a bite of twix, the outback cheese, mozarella cheese, eaten a whole bag of m & ms, half a mcdonald's hash brown, and then had cheddar cheese twice yesterday.  So far I only had a few stabs from the mozarella but everything else has been fine.  Before, if cheese even touched something I ate I would break out in hives on my face, legs, and hands, likely throw up, be sick for days, and look like I had two black eyes.  Obviously I'm over the moon :)  

I'm just hoping that all of this sticks because it would be amazing to eat like a regular person again.  People don't realize how much food plays into daily life until they can't participate anymore.  Now before I sound too crazy, I actually know an acquaintance that had food allergies before his gallbladder was removed and is now fine.  Apparently my husband told me right after surgery but I had no recollection haha!  

If you came here for the apologies!  Here it is below!

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