Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NYC Polish Queen's Jewel's Collection-My Picks!

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Hi there everyone, happy Hump Day!  The week continues on!  It's been a little rough getting back into working full time, not really the work itself, just the fact that I'm so dang exhausted.  I've gotten home each night and am just a worthless lump under my heated blanket.  Not so good when the in-laws are coming on Saturday!  

Today I have two really interesting polishes to share with you!  NYC is a drugstore brand that I've never tried before but I got to pick out some polishes to try.  I was really pleasantly surprised.  The Queen's Jewel's Collection is a new collection released for Fall made up of six Crystal Couture topcoats and three cremes.  At the time I picked these out I was in full blown gallbladder sickness so I picked out my two favorites to share with you so as not to get overwhelmed :)  Let's take a look below...

Rule the City-silver gunmetal metallic with red metallic glitter

This polish is such a cool polish, especially for something found at the drugstore.  I've never seen a combination like this and it's a great color for Fall.  The silver base didn't drown out the red which was really nice and the formula was really great.  This polish was really opaque.  I used two coats but it could easily be a one-coater.  Definitely a standout polish!

NY Princess-deep dark purple/black jelly base with purple and blue glitters

My second choice was a sparkly one of course :)  This polish is a pretty combo of a lighter metallic purple glitter and an aqua colored microglitter in a deep dark jelly base.  Like the first polish, I was really impressed that the glitters weren't swallowed by the base polish.  I chose to layer this polish over black, just because that's how I would personally chose to wear it so I figured that's how I would swatch it.  I used one easy coat over black with no formula problems at all.

Overall I really enjoyed both polishes.  I will admit I usually don't give drugstore polishes enough credit but both of these were really unique and had really great formulas!  

*Polishes in this post were sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Great picks! I really like the first one, so interesting!

  2. I love this collection. I'm just sad that I could never find the blue one in stores!