Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fall Glitter Combo and Zoya Tanzy Swatches

Hello there my polish friends.  I hope the weekend is treating you well.  It's been a great weekend so far as I sit here in my robe under my heated blanket :)  Yesterday last minute we went to the Illinois/Penn State football game which was really fun.  We didn't stay the entire time because it was freezing and my lips actually turned blue.  Today we are going to a huge craft fair and my mom is driving down to meet us so you know I'm pumped about that!

Today I have my last Fall mani most likely.  Fall is my favorite season and it did get swallowed up by my surgery but with the number of days of snow and ridiculously cold weather we've had it feels like Fall is gone.

This combination is one that I wore the other day because Zoya Tanzy is the most unflattering color for my skin tone haha!  Once I combined these two colors it was like a Fall shimmer-bomb on the nails :)  This combination is Zoya Tanzy as the base and one layer of OPI Orange You Fantastic over top.

Below is Zoya Tanzy.  I saw this polish in stores and fell in love with it so eventually I ordered it on Zoya's website.  Zoya describes it as a bright tangerine orange with yellow gold metallic sparkle.  It's a beautiful warm metallic and I thought it would be amazing for Fall.  When I applied it I discovered one thing...this is probably the most unflattering polish I could have ever picked for my skin tone.  

Besides the color being awful on me, the color is pretty and the formula is great.  I used two easy coats with topcoat below.

Well there it is for Fall this year.  I am sad to see it go but I figured it was over when I spent 15 minutes getting my car door open the other morning. 

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  1. Nice combination together. The look just screams fall to me.