Monday, November 3, 2014

Glitter Lambs Pumpkin Fall Collection!

Hi there my lovely polish friends.  I am in such a positive mood :)  I had a great weekend with my husband and parents up in Chicago.  It was my first really active weekend after my gallbladder surgery and we went to a big craft fair and then to a flea market the next day.  I did have lots of pain but with resting in between, it was a really fun time.  After the craft fair I am in such a mood for the holidays and after my surgery I am in such a mood to start things off on a positive note.  I feel healthy, I'm back at work today after three weeks of recovery, and I feel like I have a fresh start with things to kick off the holiday season :)

Today I have a really special Indie collection to share with you.  I first saw this Pumpkin collection in a Youtube video and I knew it was something I would love.  I had never tried Glitter Lambs polish before but I can tell you my experience was a very good one.  This collection features four pumpkin dessert themed glitter polishes, all in clear bases, meant to be worn as glitter toppers.  Let's take a look.

Pumpkin Bread-clear base with black hexes, oranges hexes, gold hexes, and black dots

Pumpkin Bread is one of my favorites of the group because of the combination of black and orange.  It actually reminds me of one of my cats, Millie, who is a tortie (orange and black), which we call our "Fall" cat :)  The combination is beautiful and the formula is spot on.  I used one easy coat over Barielle Taupe Notch, with topcoat.

Pumpkin Cupcake-clear base with white hexes in different sizes, orange triangles, tiny orange hexes, and rainbow holographic glitter

If you know my blog, you'll know I'm obsessed with anything related to cupcakes...hence Pumpkin Cupcake!  This one I like because I think it's a nice transition from Fall to Winter because of the white the white glitters totally represent vanilla frosting :)  I have never seen triangle glitters before so I definitely love the orange triangles in this polish.  Another great formula, I used one coat over OPI Berlin There Done That, plus topcoat.

Pumpkin Pie-clear base with large gold dots, orange triangles, small gold glitter hexes and squares, tiny orange hexes, and holographic hexes

Next up, holo sparkly gorgeousness.  This polish is the most blingy of the group and it's very pretty.  It has those orange triangles that I like and those gold dots are really cool but not too big that they stick up off the nail.  I think this one really speaks for itself, especially over darker polishes.  I used one easy coat over OPI Skyfall, plus topcoat.

Pumpkin Spice-clear base with dense apricot copper colored glitter

Last up is a coppery glitterbomb.  I definitely didn't expect as dense of a glitter payoff, next time I wear this I will build it up and wear it on its own in two coats.  I have no glitter like this and the color just screams Fall.  I can just see this as the perfect solid glitter accent nail.  The glitter is very dense but I had no problems with the formula.  I used one coat over Barielle Soho at Night, plus topcoat.

I'm in love....that is all.  Stunning glitter combos and fantastic glitter formulas, I can't ask for any more.  Fall is my favorite season and to have a collection based not only on pumpkin but pumpkin desserts, it's like someone just knock me out already because I'm too excited!  Definitely check out Glitter Lambs if you haven't and let me know your favorite down below.   I've seen previews of the Christmas collection and I'm losing my mind!!!! ;)


  1. Pumpkin Bread is so awesome over that taupe! Not sure if I care for the two with triangle glitter. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Some fun glitters in here! I like that there's a mix of light to dark colored ones too.

  3. Ooh what a glitter-fest! I'd not heard of Glitter Lambs so thank you for the intro :) I've just checked out their Etsy store and their glitters are just delicious ... I think I've fallen in love! So glad to hear you're feeling somewhat better and that you had a lovely weekend.

  4. Oh Girl! These are very very BEAUTIFUL! Wonderful job you did! LOVE THEM ALL!