Friday, November 7, 2014

OPI DS Titanium

Hi there everyone, welcome to Friday!  I'm not at work today because I've got to get my house ready for the in-laws tomorrow.  I basically have to do stuff then rest, do stuff then rest.  My mom is also headed down this afternoon because we are going to a big craft fair in town that happens every November.  I'm excited :)

Today I have a relatively new polish, one of two new DS polishes released this year.  I just haven't been feeling swatching the other one because pink doesn't seem Fall appropriate to me.  I figured I'd show this one because it's a really interesting polish and I do like it for Fall.

DS Titanium is a jelly-based polish that is a smokey grey.  This medium to darker smoky grey is filled with tons of small glitter pieces including iridescent flakies, holographic glitters, and other bits of micro glitter.  This polish is slightly sheer but I did only use two coats for my swatches.  These polishes are meant to dry slightly textured but I preferred to add topcoat to make them shiny.

Overall I was really pleased with this polish and I think it's a unique addition to the DS line.  I really like all the glitter and the flakies in this polish, making it super sparkly.  What do you think of this polish, will you be picking it up?


  1. That's pretty and oh so sparkly!

  2. This is really pretty!! I love the sparkle it has. Looks great on you!