Friday, August 29, 2014

Nailstalgia-Zoya Kelly

Hi there everyone, second post for today.  Isn't it great that the only post I needed to remember to put up this month....which I even wrote in my planner...I then forgot.  Apologies to my fellow Nailstalia ladies.  Pre-medication days I could remember everything, like almost photographically, now I swear I remember absolutely nothing.  It was my superpower...which is now gone.  I like to think we all have some small or big superpower, normal or strange.  My husband's would be growing a beard in a day, I kid you not.  If you have a secret superpower, leave a comment down below!

Today's Nailstalgia polish is Zoya Kelly.  I wrote a post on this polish in March, which I will include here.  Zoya Kelly is a polish I randomly picked up at Ulta because my mom's name is Kelly.  I thought it was a unique polish because it's blue, it's grey, and it's a little bit purple all in a beautiful cream form.

I think that this was the perfect polish for this month's Nailstalgia because I personally feel like Zoya Kelly is a fantastic transition polish into Fall.  It's a darker cream polish but it doesn't go into vampy deep territory.  The formula on this polish has that fantastic Zoya cream formula and I used two easy coats.

Zoya Kelly is actually one of my favorite Zoya polishes.  It's a really unique blue-grey cream and it's just a grey chic color.  Do you own this one?


  1. Its a really nice dark grey! Great swatch of it.

  2. I looooove your swatches of this! =) And, you're right about it being a good transition! I think my superpower must be drinking

  3. Lovely swatches! This time I win in being too late, because I forgot entirely what nail polish was chosen and that I should make a post. My super power must be ironing. I can iron pretty good and quickly :)

  4. Oooh I love this shade, colors like these never get enough love!