Monday, August 25, 2014

OPI DS Mystery-Swatches and Review

Hi there polish friends, welcome to Monday.  Sorry for the radio silence.  It was a crazy weekend to say the least.  It was garage sale weekend at my parents house and we made some money which was nice.  It was insanely humid and then during the sale it decided to downpour and storm so bad we feared for our lives.  We were soaked, running to throw things in baskets and put them in the garage, all while it was thundering and lightning around us.  It was crazy.  In the end, we got home yesterday with a new entertainment center and a new 60 inch tv in the back of our car....oops.  Crazy things happen when I'm around my family :/  

On to the polish for today.  This polish is the second DS polish I've tried and I got it a while ago online from Ulta when OPI polishes were 2 for $16, and somehow the DS polishes qualified.  This polish was originally released in Fall 2009 and it is a deep purple jelly based polish with gold flecks.  I really liked how the gold in this polish was irregularly shaped and "flaky style".  This polish was really opaque and I only needed two coats with topcoat to get the look below.

Overall I was pleased with this polish.  Do I think this is worth the full price of a DS polish?  No.  I was happy to get it on sale and it's definitely a unique polish in my collection.  I think it's beautiful for Fall and I was very happy with it.  Do you have this unique polish in your collection?  What do you think of it?


  1. Its nice and perfect for fall too.

  2. I have this one and as these dark shades with golden flakes or shimmer are among my favorites, I was and still am head over heels in love with DS Mystery! :)