Friday, August 29, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics Sun Kissed (i.e. AMAZING HOLO)

Hi there everyone, happy Friday.  Yes, the title was totally necessary.  Let me get this out of the way....I don't really care for holos.  Yes, shock, gasp, horror, I know.  I'm not sure what it is about them.  I think the ones I've tried haven't been strong enough....until now.  There's a little spoiler alert for you!  I am very excited that it is the Friday before a holiday weekend.  Last weekend we were away from home and it was crazy busy so it will be nice to slow down.  The bummer is that the weather is supposed to be really stormy and rainy the entire time.  Usually we go to the movies but I think we've exhausted that resource.  So far nothing is planned so I'm trying to rack my brain for ideas.  I also finally finished a project at work that has been stressing me so that feels good as well!

Onto the polish!  I won this polish is a big Indie giveaway awhile back and I thought it was the perfect time to bring it out because it reminded me of Fall.  I don't like holos but I liked the burnt orange sort of color so I went with it.  Holy cow, the holo in the polish is nothing I have ever seen before.  I have never seen a holo that could be seen in absolutely all lights, indoors, low lights, no matter what it looked spectacular.  This polish was it :)

Can you tell I liked this polish???  Sun Kissed is a rusty burnt orange linear holographic polish and it is so darn cool.  The formula was amazing and I needed two easy coats to get the look you see in my swatches.  I'm not a holo expert so I wasn't sure if topcoat would enhance or dull the holo effect so I opted to skip it.  I wore this polish for a day without topcoat and I had no wear issues at all, plus look at how shiny it is sans topcoat.

Overall I couldn't be more thrilled with this polish.  I think the color is perfection, especially for Fall and it has seriously changed my mind about holographic polishes.  If all holos looked like this, I would definitely understand what the craze is about :D  You can find this polish here.  So tell me, are you a holo lover?


  1. I love holos myself even if its soft or strong. This one is gorgeous! Great color on it too.

  2. Oh my!
    I'm a holo addict so I might sound somehow partial, but this is jawdropping! I'm in love with its base colour, it reminds me of a red orange juice and it's's whispering to me buy me, buy me.
    I've got two bottles of Celestial Cosmetics holos and I've been totally impressed by them. They're amazing <3 This one enters directly my WL with no doubts at all, even if it's reddish.