Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Classic

Hi everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  Yesterday was definitely one of those days where weird things kept happening and you say to yourself...what is going on today?  By the end of the day I just wanted to get home after work so nothing else weird would happen.  I shut my alarm off, my friend was gone at work, a pipe flew at me off of a truck on the highway and I had to slam on my brakes which got the people behind me angry....ummm, I didn't want to tear up the underside of my car from a pipe?!?  I had no clue at new person was starting a work, I forgot my breakfast, had to eat cereal for lunch, tried to rescue a dog I found wandering around our work parking lot that had a collar on but ran from me.  Strange, strange day.  But today is a new day, so let's get right into today's post.

I'll be honest with you, I had no idea what today's prompt meant.  It just said classic and I didn't know if that meant a classic polish, a classic nail design?  I haven't been involved in the nail community for very long so I also don't know what the true classic nail polishes are.  I went with a polish I knew was older, crossed me fingers, and went with it :)

For today's polish I went with OPI Suzi Sells Sushi By the Seashore.  From what I can tell, this polish is from the 2005 OPI Japanese Collection.  It's not a polish I would typically go for but the name definitely sold me when I found it in an Aveda salon in Iowa awhile back.  It's a medium rosy pink with a touch metallic/frosty hint to it but I honestly thought it was really pretty.  If I hate a polish I would tell you.  I wore this one on Saturday and didn't want to take it off.  The formula was really good and I ended up using two easy coats with topcoat for my swatches.

I'm not sure if I fit the bill on this prompt but I'm sure my other Twinsies will have done a great job.  Check them out below and let me know what you think of this polish!  

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  1. Wow! What a day you had! Hopefully Today Will Be MUCH better!

  2. Your day totally was so strange and weird! Hopefully, the rest of the week will go better. This color is nice!

  3. I always try to rescue dogs; I know how those days can be. I think that the color is nice and classic!

  4. Sounds like it was one of those days...I hope you had a better rest of the day and better day today! :D
    Great mani color for the classic theme!

  5. strange days happen... but you must have managed fine! Love the polish and the name!!

  6. You would be correct - this is from the Japanese Collection in 2005 - I have been collecting OPI since the year after it first launched (tho I have much less now of the newer ones than I have of the old ones) -- and this one was a neutral fav of mine - looks nice on you

  7. I love this color too and was surprised that I did!

  8. You can never go wrong with a classic OPI!

  9. This polish is really lovely on you! Hope the rest of your week was less strange.