Monday, September 1, 2014

OPI DS Lapis-Swatches and Review

Hi polish friends, welcome to Monday.  Happy Labor Day to my American friends, hopefully you are enjoying the day off....that's why this post is much later in the morning because you know I slept in ;)  I've been gone a few days.  I've actually felt sick since last Thursday with some stomach issues and then on Saturday I figured it out.  I've mentioned my extensive food allergies before but I've been diagnosed for over a year now and have had a good handle on it for awhile.  I actually thought I had the stomach flu but I just made a dumb food mistake.  I was eating 5 Gobstoppers a night, and they contain gluten.  My mom had given them to us and I didn't think to look them up so I had been eating them since last weekend.  It was just a dumb mistake so I've just been letting my stomach recover.  We have taken it pretty easy this weekend, with some light shopping and then I had a little What Not to Wear marathon on Netflix along with a polish swatching marathon.

Today I have a quick post, not only because it's later in the day but because our friends are coming over tonight and you know that means we need to clean our house!  Today I have a polish released last year, one of the two polishes released from the OPI DS line.  I just got last year's polishes about a week ago, but this year's releases should be arriving in my mailbox this week so I wanted to at least show this beforehand.

Last years DS polishes had a theme of drying to a slightly textured finish and being a matte and not glossy finish.  I think that's what had me hung up on not buying them.  I'm an avid OPI collector but I haven't really gotten into the DS polishes.  I thought the releases from last year looked gorgeous but textured polishes were never really my thing.  I haven't tried the second polish yet, but this one is quite different from a regular liquid sand OPI.  I finally decided to get them and I'm happy to say that they are just slightly textured.

DS Lapis is a gorgeous microglitter-bomb of denim navy blue glitters.  It's a little on the thick side but that does make it really opaque.  I didn't have any issues with formula at all and I ended up using two coats for these first matte looking swatches.  The color of this polish is just stunning and it reminds me so much of blue jeans.

This next picture below actually pains me to put up but I had to, I just had to.  I wore this polish for one day.  I applied it at night, wore it through a morning shower, then to work, and then took the picture below right when I got home from work.  So this is less then 24 hours worth of wear for me.  This polish chipped like crazy and this isn't even my dominant hand.  Every corner and edge looked like this.  I was so disappointed I had to show it.

After that chippy aftermath, let's look at this polish glossy.  I haven't tested the wear time of this polish glossy, I can only hope that it performs better than it did matte.  It does look pretty darn pretty glossy though.

For those of you that own this polish, does it wear like this for you?  I can only hope topcoat will fix the chipping problem for me, otherwise it's just a pretty bottle of polish to look at on my shelf...


  1. Such a pretty color...shame that it chips so easily.

  2. Its so pretty but such a bummer to see the chipping issue with it.

  3. Love the colour, shame about the chipping..... looks awesome with top coat on too!

  4. Awwww, looking at it I don't if I regret the fact I didn't grab it or if I'm happy I didn't spend such an amount of money for a polish which chips so early in time.
    It's an amazing shade anyway!

  5. I know this is an older post but I just put the polish on my nails yesterday with a glossy top coat and it chipped in lass that an hour. I also used orly's bonder. I don't understand. It is such a beautiful color.