Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ALIQUID Lacquer-Four Awesome Indie Polishes!

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Hi there everyone, happy Hump Day.  I'm actually really happy to be writing this post because it means my laptop survived a rouge spider attack.  Last night I was browsing Pinterest while laying on the couch and I felt a little tickle on my shoulder.  Then I felt it again in my shirt.  All of a sudden something black runs across my arm and into the couch.  I screamed, jumped off the couch, my husband yelled because I screamed so loud, and I even scared the cats.  In the end, it turns out it was a wolf spider that had gone in and out of my shirt, gee....thanks spider.  I'm just surprised I didn't throw my laptop across the room :)

Today, from my intact computer, I am bringing you four polishes from ALIQUID Lacquer, which is an Indie brand that creates nail polish and scented lip balms.  I have to say, just based on the quality of these polishes alone, I am shocked that this brand has only been running since last November....hint hint, they're amazing!


First up is Yooper, which is from The Two Pleasant Peninsulas Collection, which is a collection that is a love letter to the state of Michigan.  Yooper is inspired by wild forests, cold lakes, and mountains of the U.P. or Upper Peninsula.  

This polish is a dark green jelly full of flecks of green, blue, gold, brown, and holographic sparkle.  Seriously, look at it!  It's drop dead gorgeous and I've never seen a polish like this one.  Because it is a jelly base, it is a little bit sheer so I ended up using three thin coats with topcoat below.  I had no problems with the formula, it was smooth and easy to apply.

People of the Three Fires-

Second up is this beauty called People of the Three Fires, which is also from The Two Pleasant Peninsulas Collection.  This polish is a brick red/orange with sparkles in blue, purple, and red.  This polish is named for the alliance of three closely related Algonquian tribes native to Michigan.  

I have to say, I saw those colorful sparks in the bottle and couldn't wait to try this polish.  I think this is the perfect color for Fall and I loved the added bits of color.  The formula on this polish was beyond perfection and I used two easy coats with topcoat below.

Sad Lisa-

Third of the group is Sad Lisa, which is from the Chorus of Cremes Collection.  This polish is a median blue grey cream.

I'm a huge fan of cream polishes and this one is no exception.  The color is so good and unique and the formula was perfection again.  I used two easy coats with topcoat below.

Cherry Festival-

Last but not least is Cherry Festival, which is a third offering from The Two Pleasant Peninsulas Collection.  Cherry Festival is a bubblegum pink crelly with red and silver-green hexes, gold shimmer, and flecks.  Michigan produces more sour cherries than any other state in the US.  Every year, Traverse City holds a cherry festival that attracts 500,000 visitors.  

This polish is so pretty and so dynamic.  It has a bunch of different sparkly elements but they really embody cherry blossoms.  I used three thin coats of this polish with topcoat below.  I had no formula problems, I chose thinner coats because it was slightly sheer in application.

Like a dork, I completely forgot to take a picture of the lip balm I tried out.  I will take one when I get home :/  I tried out the Chocolate Cherry Fudge lip balm and it did not disappoint.  The scent was great and it did smell exactly like the name.  I really liked that it contains natural ingredients and it was really moisturizing on my lips.  I also love that this lip balm was inspired by amazing fudge handmade on Mackinac Island.  Who wants some fudge now?  *Raises both hands*

So overall I really couldn't be more pleased with these products from ALIQUID Lacquer.  The polish formulas were all spot on and the colors were really unique.  There's really nothing more you could ask for.  Thank you to Alison, the creator, for letting me try these awesome polishes.  You can find all of these great products on her etsy shop here.

*Products in this post were received for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Such great colors and wonderful swatches too. My favorite is Sad Lisa, I just love a good blue creme.

  2. Spider...YIKES!!!!!

    My fav is People Of The Three Fires.

  3. Eeek! Scary spider experience!
    Love the swatches!

  4. Don't wolf spiders carry their young on their backs 😰