Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Inspired by a Book

Hi guys, welcome to Tuesday.  Yesterday was pretty normal of a day, went to work, came home.  So about a month ago I got a fitbit and I realized I do barely any walking in a day.  Sometimes I awkwardly march in front of the tv to get extra steps in and two days ago my husband asked if I wanted him to bring in this little trampoline from the garage because it would feel better than marching on the wood floors.  So where am I going with this do you ask...well, said trampoline has turned into the biggest cat magnet you've ever seen.  I'm not sure what it is with cats and them not wanting the beds we buy them.  One cat only likes the places you have been sitting on.  You'd better believe that if you get up she will have taken your spot in five seconds flat.  The second cat has dubbed the expensive wicker chair hers, no one sits in it because it has a special cat mat on it...because it's hers.  The third cat only wants to sit on the top of the couch or on your lap when you need to be on the computer.  Not when you are doing something unimportant like browsing pinterest, but when you see that button when you order something online that says don't click twice, that's when those little paws get to steppin'.  All three of those cats have been on that trampoline.  Sitting, laying, tucking their paws, laying and sticking their paws under the edges, laying underneath it.  I feel like I have to ask permission to use it because one of them is always on it....

Anyways, today's TT theme was inspired by a book.  The day I did this mani, Sunday, I had a bad migraine, so out of laziness I went to our book cabinet and chose a book at random.  Below is what I ended up with, one of my husband's Calvin and Hobbes comic books.  I decided to re-create Hobbes' tiger stripes....and yes, I had to ask which one was which character because I actually didn't know ;)

To be fair I told my beginning story because it had to do with cats and tigers are just really big cats....right.......right?  I fully claim not to be a morning person ;)  

So to create this look I started with a base of the brighter orange, China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked.  I then took the lighter orange, China Glaze If in Doubt, Surf it Out, and used the brush from the bottle to create the curved lighter portion because in the book cover, Hobbes has a lighter section on his back.  With a thin striping brush and Essie Licorice, I finished off with some black stripes and then topcoat.

So in my attempt to be lazy this ended up being one of my favorite TT prompts to date.  Go figure!  Maybe overthinking isn't the way to go all the time, I sure did like this one :)  Have a great day everyone.  R.I.P. Robin Williams, you will be missed.

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  1. Calvin and Hobbes! Yes! Love that comic! Your mani is super cute hun!

  2. I love Calvin and Hobbes and I definitely can relate to your cat stories. They all want to be where they shouldn't be.

  3. These are cute! I love your kitty story, and know too well how you feel. It's not your house, it's the cats' house. And the cat wants to sit on the coffee table, kitty will sit on the coffee table, no matter how many times she's told to get down.

  4. Wow! This is awesome. I'm right with you on not knowing the characters from this comic.

  5. I love this, especially how you used more than one orange for the base!

  6. Ooooh! Love it! I love me some Calvin & Hobbes!!!!!!! <3

  7. Amazing tiger stripes! I am slowly getting into Calvin & Hobbes. My boyfriend loves it and he owns the complete collection of it, so I've been reading a bit here and there. It's a great series!