Monday, August 18, 2014

OPI Nordic Collection-HUGE Comparison Post

Hi guys, welcome to Monday, I just can't bring myself to say happy Monday...sorry ;)  So yesterday ended up being a strange day.  My mom texted me and said they were having a garage sale next weekend and did we want to help.  After a quick conversation with my husband we decided to include ourselves in the garage sale.  After that, I proceeded to tear our house apart finding stuff for the garage sale...for several hours.  I still have a few areas/rooms to go but we have a huge pile sitting in our living room for the garage sale.  I totally had planned on relaxing but we ended up doing the opposite.  It did feel good to be productive though.

Today I have my comparison post as promised.  It's a long one so I'm going to get right into it!

First up, a comparison to OPI Ice-bergers & Fries, which is a warm medium red- toned chocolate brown.  Zoya Spencer is the only one of this bunch which isn't red-toned, Chocolate Moose is lighter, and A-piers to be Tan is brighter and has more red undertones.

My pick-Ice-bergers & Fries.  This polish just gets to me!  It's so pretty, cozy, and warm.

Next up is my measly comparison to OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid.  I mentioned in my video from yesterday that both OPI Mermaid's Tears and OPI Thanks a Windmillion are HUGE lemmings of mine so I couldn't compare them to this polish.  I pulled some popular polishes just for some color comparisons, not for the sake of finding dupes.  China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle is a pastel neon turquoise, much more clear and bright.  Zoya Wednesday is pretty close to My Dogsled is a Hybrid but Wednesday is more blue toned and slightly dustier and Doglsed is greener toned.

My pick-ALL!!!!  Need I say more?

Next up is a another comparison I couldn't get close to.  OPI Do You Have this Color in Stock-holm? is not like any color I've seen, a really intense blue-toned violet.  OPI Purple with a Purpose is a traditional violet purple.  Julep Iona is closer but it's dusty and not as vibrant.

My pick-Do you Have this Color in Stock-holm?  It's just too unique.  It's bright but it can also look deep.  It maintains its intensity but it doesn't dry matte.  Just a cool and unique color.

Another comparison that was hard to get close to.  OPI in True Stefani Fashion has a clear base with bigger holo particles and square glitter.  My Voice is a Little Norse has smaller glitter particles and a grey jelly base.  OPI Number One Nemesis has micro-glitter and has grey and gold glitter.

My pick-Who are we kidding?  All.

Now we are getting into more of the nitty gritty of the comparisons.  Zoya Loise is a warmer brown whereas Suzi Loves Cowboys is warm but it's starting to go more towards neutral.  How Great is Your Dane is a dark brown with a taupe base.  I mentioned that I found a dupe for How Great is Your Dane but in this photo Zoya Emilia does not look like a dupe.  It looks slightly warmer.  

My pick-OPI How Great is Your Dane?  I have a use for all of these polishes, or at least that's what I'm telling myself.  My favorite of the four is How Great is Your Dane though because of the taupe base.  It works well for my skin tone and it's really unique.

I swear How Great is Your Dane and Zoya Emilia were dupes when I swatched them.  Sorry guys.  Here they look closer but still not exact dupes.  Enough that you wouldn't need both unless you really liked them.  I also wanted to show them both next to OPI You Don't Know Jacques! because it's a very popular OPI color.  It looks lighter and more taupe-y compared to the other two.

Next up are the oranges.  These are hard to see the difference between but there are slight differences.  Zoya Thandie has the obvious difference and is more orange toned than the other two.  I consider Thandie to be a melon orange but next to the other two it looks very orange.  Can't Afjord Not to and Toucan Do it if you Try are VERY close.  Like a shade different, very close to dupes different.  To me, Toucan Do it if you Try is a touch lighter and Can't afjord not to is a touch brighter.  Other than that, I can't tell the difference.

My guys, can I pick all again?  I know they are all very similar, I know.  If I narrowed it down I would pick Zoya Thandie and OPI Toucan Do it if you Try.  There, I did it.  Both OPI's need three coats and are so similar that it's a draw.

Next up are the pinks and yes, I found a dupe.  To me, Zoya Rooney and OPI Suzi Has a Swede Tooth are dupes, both being a creamy strawberry cream color.  OPI Shorts Story is lighter in tone and appears brighter on the nail.  

My pick-Zoya Rooney.  It has a better formula than the other two, needing just two coats.

Next up are the deep magenta polishes and I touched on this in my video.  Most other polishes like this have a shimmery metallic base but Thank Glogg It's Friday has a deep raspberry base and that makes it really unique and opaque.  Thank Glogg looks raspberry to me and I can't see shimmer in it.  Cute little vixen looks deeper and more magenta.  Embarca-dare ya from last year is lighter and has a silver base.  

My pick-OPI Thank Glogg It's Friday.  It's base and opaque-ness make it really unique.  The other two are really pretty too but this one just blew me away.

Next up are the warm camel colors.  Zoya Flynn is the coolest of the warm tans if that makes sense.  Going my way or Norway is the most warm and rich and orange toned.  OPI San-tonio is closest to Norway but it's less orange toned.

My pick-Honestly, none.  All three clash with my cool skin tone, I just can't get into them.  I am super pale and very cool toned though!

Here's another rough comparison but I wanted to pull polishes from recent comparisons.  50 years of style is from the Mustang collection and it's basically the gold version of the polish from the Nordic collection.  Love.Angel.Music.Baby. is from the beginning of the year and it's a shimmery satin gold.  OPI With a nice Finn-ish a bronzy metallic.  OPI Rising Star is the closest polish I had but it's mush deeper and warmer and shimmery.

My pick-Honesty I like all of them.  I like frosty metallics but some people don't like seeing brushstrokes.

Last up is a huge purple comparison with the two purples in the Nordic collection, OPI Skating on Thin Ice-land and OPI Viking in a Vinter Vonderland.  In this group Zoya Claire is much redder toned and William Tell Me about OPI is a deep wine color.  Skating on thin Ice-land is dark but it maintains its purple tone and Honk if you love OPI is a very deep purple.

My picks-Zoya Claire and Skating on Thin Ice-land.

Not sure why I included China Glaze X-ta-Sea, maybe because it looked darker in the bottle?  OPI A Grape Affair looks cooler toned compared to the two at the top.  It wouldn't be a comparison post of mine if something weird didn't get thrown in!

Now getting into the really deep toned purples.  OPI A Grape Affair and Viking in a Vinter Vonderland look extremely similar to me.  Grape is slightly more red and Viking is a touch deeper.  Vant to bite my neck is the "lightest" of the four and is cool toned.  Miss You-niverse has a dusty quality to it and is cool toned as well.

My pick-It's kind of a toss up on this one, they are all VERY similar!

I hope this comparison helped you guys out!  I know it definitely helped just for my curiosity's sake :)  If there are any other comparisons you would like to see I would definitely be open to doing a second round, just leave me a comment below.  Also special thanks to my tolerant husband who helped me pull dupes for this post, he's all for supporting my hobbies!


  1. What a great post! So many great shades in this collection that it turns out I have a close dupe for!

  2. My Dogsled is a Hybrid is gorgeous, love mint green kind of colours. Thanks for the comparisons hun!

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  3. Great comparison post of the colors here! Its so helpful to see.

  4. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for taking the time to do posts like this! I love knowing how the new colors compare to colors I might already have. You're the best!

  5. fantastic comparison!!!! thank you so much!

  6. Very informative post. Thank you so much

  7. Very helpful comparisons, thank you. If you do another comparison post, I'd be interested to see 'My Dogsled is a Hybrid' compared with China Glaze 'For Audrey' ... if you're not too exhausted after the swatching marathon you've just completed!

    1. I can definitely do that for you Kathryn! Thanks for the request :)