Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-3D Nail Accents

Hi there everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  This post is going to be going up early because by the time 8 o'clock rolls around I'll be on the road and on my way up to Chicago.  Usually I'm more nervous about site visits but today is also hair day so I think that nervousness trumps it :)  

Today's TT theme is 3D nail accents and I was really stumped until I realized that my friend had given me some cute 3D nails charms for Christmas.  I whipped them out and and decided to use the cute heart pastry as my main starting point.  My base nail color is OPI You're So Outta Lime, which is a polish I've been in love with from the OPI Neon collection.  I then finished off with one medium pink, one light pink, and one red rhinestone.  I attached everything over top of one coat of Seche Vite.

There you go, my take on 3D nail accents.  Wish me luck!  Don't forget to check out these other fabulous ladies below.

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  1. Cute look! This OPI looks great on you.

  2. That nail gem looks like a cookie! Or it's possible I'm just hungry right now...

  3. These are awesome, I love that huge heart!

  4. These are cute! That 3D charm is awesome.

  5. So cute! Give me a wave as you head up to Chicago! :) My husband is actually going to be downtown tonight meeting a friend!

  6. I'm so into these, Erin! Fabulous colour, the heart pastry is utterly adorable, and the stones tie them in together perfectly. :D

  7. Adorable! That green is stunning!

  8. Thats cute! I love the colors you paired together with the base and rhinestones - that big decor is so cute although it would probably last on my nail for like 1 second before I knocked it off! LOL.

  9. That green is GORGEOUS. I love the pink studs against it!

  10. Beautiful green, and I like the cute 3d charm :)

  11. Nice base color ;) And that charm is too cute.