Thursday, June 26, 2014

R.I.P. Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Hi guys, welcome to Thursday.  It's a pretty typical day around here, work, warm weather, and storms.  I'm trying to decide whether to go up to Chicago this weekend but I'm pretty undecided at this point :)  Wow, that's probably the most interesting intro I've ever wrote (insert sarcasm here).  

Today I have a very well known polish that is at the height of its controversy at the moment.  If you are unfamiliar, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is a cult classic polish with a fantastic color and formula.  Recently and without warning, Sally Hansen changed this polish, keeping the name, to a shimmery blue with a bad formula so I've heard.  I'm keeping my mouth shut on the whole situation, but I wanted to show you the color that everyone is talking about.

So as a polish, Pacific Blue rocks.  I thought the formula was smooth and buttery and I needed two easy coats for my swatches.  I originally bought this color as a substitute for Essie Butler Please, which has a terrible formula and chips within hours on me.  I wore this polish for a day and didn't even have tip wear.  The color above is the true color, I had a normal swatch with the bottle but it ended up looking crazy neon and bright and I didn't feel comfortable showing that :)

When I wore this polish, I wore accent nails on my ring finger and thumb using dots in multiple colors.  I ended up choosing China Glaze Highlight of my Summer, Barielle Topless in St Tropez, and Barielle Paradise in the Tropics. 

Ultimately, if you want this polish, I would head out ASAP and try to find it at the drugstore.  I looked for it and found the new polish but several of these older bottles hidden behind them.  What do you think about this polish situation?


  1. Its disappointing to see such a pretty polish going away! I really liked this blue too.

  2. Sigh, such a classic color! :S

  3. I'm glad I picked this one up not too long before this fiasco.