Saturday, June 7, 2014

OPI Rose of Light-2 Ways

Hi there everyone, happy Saturday.  Not much is going on here today.  We are hopefully getting our cable fixed this morning.  As embarrassing as it was, the cable guy just showed up and I'm sitting here in my robe attempting to cover up my pajamas haha!  Oh well, it's a Saturday morning, the only person who was up at 6am and ready for the day was my husband :)  We don't have much planned besides grocery shopping.  I'm also on the hunt for OPI Elephantastic Pink and then sadly I'm on a no-buy for the rest of the month.  

So, my no-buy triggered the idea to really hunt through my stash and get creative with polishes that I really love.  I still have some new collections to swatch for you, but I think this month will be more nail art and untried heavy.  Today I have two looks featuring OPI Rose of Light.  I had forgotten how much I love this glitter topper.  It's a tone of glitter between gold and rose gold and there are small silver squares as well.  I think it's really unique!

The first way I used this polish was in a subtle and sophisticated glitter gradient.  I actually wore this mani to go hiking and fossil hunting a few weekends ago.  Totally not an ourdoor mani but it held up just fine.  I started with a base of OPI My Very First Knockwurst, which is a very pretty opaque pinky nude cream.  I then took OPI Rose of Light and dragged it from the cuticle, let it dry, and then added a little more right at the cuticle line.

The next mani is the one I'm wearing right now.  I wanted to wear OPI Need Sunglasses? but I felt the need to pizzazz it up just a bit.  I taped off a little chevron on my ring finger with painter's tape and then went in with OPI Chic From Ears to Tail, a pink cream, and then finished off with one coat of OPI Rose of Light plus topcoat.

I think this month will really give me a chance to use some old favorites.  Sometimes so many polishes come in at once that I don't get a chance to give them the love they deserve. 


  1. That glitter is so gorgeous! Its great to hear and see you shop your stash too :)

  2. You are very good at painting your nails and spice them up with some nail art. I wish I could. But let's face it.... I'm crap! Oh well... Please, do not neglet your YT channel 'cause I like your videos a lt (love also your fury guest stars!). Ciao

  3. Such a beautiful glitter. I love both of these manis!

  4. i think this would look soo cute as pedi!