Monday, June 9, 2014

OPI Coca Cola Collection (full review and comparisons)

Hi there everyone, welcome to Monday.  I'm not excited that it's Monday but I am excited to bring you a review of this collection.  I've been wearing these shades over the past week and have fallen in love with some of them.  Nothing new is going on around here.  I went to my friend's baby shower yesterday which was really fun and I also filmed my very first chit chat get ready with me video.  It will be up on my channel by the time this post goes live.  I also edited it myself, woo!  Tomorrow I will be headed in the field for work for two days.  Normally I would be really down about it but I decided to change up my hair so I am really excited about it.  I think I'm going to go a light/medium auburn and do some bangs but I would love your thoughts on it.  I have had the same color for over a year now and that's an eternity in my book ;)

Enough of my chit chat, let's get right into the polish!  First up is OPI Coca-Cola Red, which is a vibrant classic Coca Cola red.  The polish leans a little more red-orange than I thought it would so it's really not a true red red.  The formula on this polish was fantastic and I needed one coat for the look below.  I didn't use two for photos or anything, just one quick coat.  All swatches for all the polishes will be with topcoat.  I also only just realized that I only compared these polishes to other OPIs so if you would like a comparison to other brands, leave me a comment and I will do that.

I recently re-organized all of my OPI polishes so it was really easy to do these comparisons since all the tones and colors were already in order :)  These all look pretty similar but the first two are more orange than the Coke polish and Dutch Tulips is a tad darker and deeper.

Next up is OPI A Grape Affair, which is a dark cool-toned grape cream.  The formula on this polish was great and I needed two easy coats below.

This polish was extremely similar to OPI Vant to Bite My Neck? but they aren't exact dupes.  Vant to Bite My Neck? is slightly more clear and vivid purple and A Grape Affair was slightly more warm and dusty.  The difference was very small though.

Another polish close to an older one is OPI Get Cherried Away.  This polish is a deep plummy wine cream.  The formula was also good on this one and I needed two coats below.

This polish is very similar to OPI Anti-Bleak, but again, not dupes.  From my picture below, Anti-Bleak looks a little more red toned and Get Cherried Away looks a little more raisin toned.  Extremely small differences though.

Oooooh boy, this next polish!  This polish is called OPI Green On the Runway and it's a metallic green/brown duochrome.  Duochromes aren't really my thing but this one is so darn cool.  The main color is a metallic warm toned deep green and it has a red/brown duochrome.  In certain lights, it also shows up a bronze/copper color, which I managed to capture in the last picture in the sun.  The formula was great and I needed two coats.

Next up is OPI My Signature is "DC" which is a silver polish but it's different in that it looks like shimmery foil.  I noticed specks of silver flecks in this one and you can really see them when you move the nails around.  This one had a great formula and dried really fast.  I used two coats below.

I thought for sure that I would have a dupe in my OPI collection but I am pleased to see that they were all very different. 

Next up is another unique offering, OPI Orange You Fantastic!, which is a mix of Fall colored glitter in a yellow tinted base.  I planned originally on layering this one, but I ended up building it up in three coats.  This looked so cool on the nail and I really liked how unique this one was.

Another cream polish, OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today is a peachy pink cream.  The formula was a little bit streaky on this one and I did need three coats for full coverage. 

I thought I would have something similar but I really don't.  Sorry I'm Fizzy Today is much warmer and peachier than anything I have.

Second to last is OPI You're So Vain-illa.  This one is a warm toned nude polish.  I thought it wouldn't work with my cool skin tone but I think it wasn't bad.  I would definitely consider a backup of this one.  The formula was just okay, I used three thin coats below.

My Vampire is Buff is lighter and cooler toned than Vain-illa and every other nude I had was darker.

Last up is OPI Today I Accomplished Zero.  I love the name of this one and I think it fits the soda perfectly.  This polish is a deep grey/black jelly base filled with red microglitter.  I was happy to see that the black base didn't drown out the glitter.  I used three thin coats for a fully opaque finish.  This one looks very similar to a textured OPI liquid sand from the Mariah Carey collection but I got rid of that one so I couldn't compare.

Originally I wasn't really thrilled with the idea of this collection but wearing the polishes has definitely changed my mind.  The only thing I don't like is that some polishes are similar to older polishes but I think that is trumped by the amount of unique polishes.  My standout favorites are Green on the Runway, Orange, You Fantastic!, Today I Accomplished Zero, and You're So Vain-illa.  Will you be picking up any from this collection?


  1. I actually LOVE Today I Accomplished Zero and will be getting it and now You're So Vain-illa is growing on me. Especially because I really like Vanilla Coke and can picture myself drinking it while wearing the polish! Love your swatches as usual! Love that you have multiple pics for each color!!

  2. I actually LOVE Today I Accomplished Zero and will be getting it and now You're So Vain-illa is growing on me. Especially because I really like Vanilla Coke and can picture myself drinking it while wearing the polish! Love your swatches as usual! Love that you have multiple pics for each color!!

  3. I love Get Cherried Away! I'm excited to see your hair afterwards. Hair-challenged solidarity!

  4. Some great shades in this collection. Love the comparisons you added to this post too :)

  5. Every time I see swatches of these, I'm just sad I haven't purchased them yet!

  6. Wearing Vain-illa right now! Saving the green for fall. Just wanted to note that the shots with the color labels are so helpful.

  7. Thank you so much for the comparisons! I love it when bloggers do that for us.

    I really like Today I accomplished Zero, I saw someone mattify that one, and fell in love.

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  9. Oh man. Great swatches! I'm gonna need more of these than I thought I would. *hides wallet*

  10. I've seen these colors swatched before, but your swatches are the best!! Dying for Today I Accomplished Zero.

  11. Amazing swatches, Erin! Imma need soooo many more from this collection than I thought I would... (^_^)

  12. Great comparison and beautiful swatches as always!

  13. Great swatches and comparisons! I wasn't excited about this collection, but I agree with you! They look great on! :D

  14. Amazing collection and gorgeous swatches

  15. Such an amazing collection <3
    Love your swatches & your nails