Wednesday, June 4, 2014

OPI Neons Collection 2014

Hi everyone, welcome to Wednesday.  Woo, last night was rough.  It has been storming since 2am this bad storming.  At 2am, we had the scared cat running around like a psycho, the power going on and off, lightning lighting up the bedroom, and thunder and wind shaking the house.   Yea, not some good sleep.  It is continuing to storm this morning, but I wanted to inject some color into today.  Today I have the entire OPI Neons collection so let's get right into it.  This was the first neon collection I've purchased because they come in full size bottles, pssst...keeping doing that OPI ;)  A few things as well...these did dry matte so I used topcoat and none were swatched over white...see rant below :)

First up is OPI Life Gave Me Lemons, which is a bright lemon lime chartreuse green cream.  I thought this one would be more yellow because of the name but it's definitely a green polish.  This one is bright but I wouldn't necessarily call it neon.  There are some polishes in this collection I would call neon but some are not.  I also will say that I did not swatch these over white polish.  It's one of my pet peeves and there are true neon polishes out there that don't need a white base so I refuse to do it.  End rant.  The formula on this one was fine, I used three thin coats with topcoat.  That didn't sound super positive but I loved this color and it was one of my favorites.

Next up is OPI Juice Bar Hopping, which is a neon orange jelly.  This one lit up inside my light box, like make my eyes squint.  I've been holding off on this one because I didn't think I would like it because jellies aren't my thing, but this one really surprised me.  This polish is on the sheer side but with three thin coats, most of the visible nail line was gone.  I ended up really liking this one, it was like wearing a neon orange melted popsicle on my nails. 

Next up is OPI Hotter Than You Pink.  Oh my goodness, I love this color.  I would consider this polish neon in my opinion.  This pink is very different from any pink I've seen.  It's got a pink base with a blue microshimmer that gives it a blue flash.  I had no problems with the formula on this one and I used two coats below.

Next up is OPI Down to the Core-al.  This polish is a really cool bright coral with shimmer.  This one had such a weird formula though.  I can only describe it as thin but gloopy and streaky.  I know that sounds weird but it was weird haha!  I really loved the color though but I don't know how often I'll reach for it.  I needed three coats below.

Second to last is OPI Push & Pur-pull.  I have a bunch of things to say about this one.  This polish is a dark grape colored jelly polish.  I wanted this polish to be the color it shows up in the bottle, that crazy bright purple, but clearly it dries much much darker.  I used three coats but it could have used four.  It looked like grape jelly spread on my nails.  I would have liked it if it was that electric purple but it is so different on the nail.

I saved my favorite for last :)  This one is OPI You Are So Outta Lime, which is a cool toned green lime cream polish.  This color is bright but not neon, but the color is just so cool.  The formula was really good on this polish and I needed two coats below.  This was one of those polishes that I applied and thought, I need a backup of this...seriously.

So overall I have missed feelings on this collection.  I wouldn't consider most of these neons but they are bright.  My favorites are You Are So Outta Lime, You Pink Too Much, and Life Gave Me Lemons.  What are your thoughts on this collection?  Do you plan on picking any of them up?


  1. Oh man, I just added You Are So Outta Lime and Hotter Than You Pink to my wishlist. I've seen tons of swatches of these, and yours are just amazing. That's too bad about Down to the Core-al's's really pretty.

    And, I don't have a single purple "neon" that doesn't dry a lot darker than bottle color. :/ There's something about those pigments.

  2. these are fantastic!! and I agree with you: it shouldn't be necessary to pair a neon with white! however, maybe this purple would be true to its color over white? either way, these are lovely swatches!

  3. The colors look really great! I'm with you... no one's got time to put white base coats on first, then apply the colors. And I can never get that combo to look neat around the cuticles. I wasn't sure that they would look nice without the white undie, so I haven't picked these up yet. But you're changing my mind! You Are So Outta Lime is gorgeous!! :D

    ~ Yun

  4. The colors are so fun and bright but I have to agree with you, some of the shades I wouldn't consider a true neon too. Amazing swatches as always!

  5. They look brighter on the nail than they do in the bottle! I think i may need to go back and get that green!

  6. I picked up most of these too, cant beat that pink!

  7. I purchased You Are So Outta Lime and had a question mark next to Hotter Than You Pink, but after seeing your swatch the question mark is gone-I'm definitely getting Hotter Than You Pink!

    1. I would without a doubt recommend Hotter than you Pink, it's such a unique pink :)

  8. This collection is amazing! I really like Down To the Core-al :D

  9. I LOVE this collection! They are all so so gorgeous!!

  10. Damnnn gorgeous swatches Erin!!