Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recent NOTDs-8 Manis for May

Hi there everyone, welcome to Thursday.  Not much new around here to report.  It's pretty much been a lazy week for me because the pollen here is off the charts and it's been messing with my sinuses and head in uncomfortable ways.  On Tuesday when I was driving home from work, there was so much pollen coming off the plants on the side of the highway that it looked like they were smoking.  I've never seen anything like it.  Thankfully the rain yesterday calmed it down a little bit but I'm already starting to feel it in my jaw, eyes, and ears today.  I finished organizing my OPIs by color and my husband finished my wall rack so I'll be messing around with putting all those back tonight.  Before it was an unfinished wooden frame but now it has little edges on the front and he stained it a dark cherry to match our bedroom furniture.  There is already a thought to make another one to match that one :)

Today I have my recent nail of the days for May.  I decided last month to just combine all of them into one post for the month and do it that way from now on.  As always, these are looks that I was either experimenting with or looks that I wore to work and on the weekends that didn't make it to the blog.  Clearly the trend last month was a simple glitter accent nail.  My boss even asked me why I only had one nail painted differently on each hand haha!  Oddly enough I also have had a surgeon ask me that on the operating table right before going under for surgery.  It's like having an accent wall painted in your home people ;)  

First off I would like to apologize for my ring finger.  It's not some kind of gross sore or anything, I got stung two weekends ago by some kind of bug and I'm just a really slow healer.  It was really obvious when I tried to photoshop it out so I just had to leave it....sorry.  The first mani I have to show is one that I created when I was swatching Essie Urban Jungle.  I started with some plain white polka dots and finished off with a gradient chevron using L'oreal Le Pastille and L'oreal Spot Me.

Next up is a bright and punchy mani that was a regular work mani for me.  We wear shorts, flip flops, hoodie's pretty much the opposite of strict.  This mani is a combination of OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian with an accent of OPI Muppets World Tour.

 The mani below is the one I wore the next day to work after the pink one above.  This one is a combination of OPI Teal the Cows Come Home with one sparse layer of Essie Jazzy Jubilent.

Next up is another mani where I was just messing around with colors.  I had just gotten the polish on my ring finger and wanted to find a way to use it right then.  I started with OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana and used a small dotting tool to create polka dots with Essie Urban Jungle.  My accent nail is Smokey Mountain Lacquers Coconut Crunch, which was on my lemming list and I scored when it was on sale because it won't be restocked again.

Below is another mani worn during the work week.  This combination is Essie Lilacism with an accent nail in OPI Let's Do Anything We Want!

Here is another mani that was a result of me keeping a swatched polish on and I want to say that I wore this on the weekend.  I usually joke that my weekend manis are more toned down than my work manis because it's usually true :)  This combination is OPI Feel the Mo-heat-oes Green (which you can enter to win here) and some placed glitter using Nicole by OPI Be Awesome.

Another swatched mani and this one I'm sure that I sported on the weeked.  For this combo I used OPI Down to the Core-al with an accent of two coats of OPI Crown Me Already.

Last up is a mani that I wore at the very beginning of the month of May.  Although it's hard to tell from this post, I definitely wore green polishes and purple polishes pretty heavily throughout the month.  This combo is Zoya Wednesday with OPI Lights of Emerald City.

There you have it, what I wore on my nails in the month of May.  I do end up wearing a different polish every single day but they usually end up being a plain color on all my nails, which I don't take pictures of.  I did toss around the idea of doing a post of all the manis I wore for an entire month, regardless of what they were, so you guys will have to let me know if you would like that kind of idea.  I will tell you one thing, the accent nail is still going strong into June :)


  1. Nice manicures for May you wore! I love how simple these all are. This is exactly how I wear my nails most of the time too.

  2. Oh my gosh your nails are perfect!!! I want to recreate every single one of these :) So gorgeous Doll!!

  3. I love seeing these all together! Are we going to get pics of the finished wall rack/ organized OPIs??

  4. i think a monthly mani recap post would be really fun! these are pretty manicures, i love the accent nail too :)

  5. Gorgeous manis! I love them all!

  6. Love them all ♥️♥️♥️