Thursday, June 12, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixiedust Summer 2014 Collection

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Hello everyone, happy Thursday.  I've been a little incognito the past two days because I was up in Chicago for fieldwork.  Also my phone decided that its life was done and I ended up with a dead-looking android on it and then it refused to turn on.  Boy it felt weird being without a phone.  I also ended up without my laptop so I was pretty much removed from the blogging world.  But, I'm back home now and have a shiny new cell phone so we're back in business :)

Today I have another three magical pixiedust polishes released by Zoya for the Summer.  The magical pixiedusts are chunky, glitter heavy textured polishes.  Three were released in Spring and I was surprised at how much I liked those.  Will I feel the same about these three?

First up is Zoya Arlo which is a radiant orchid amethyst purple chunky textured polish.  Enough descriptors?  ;)  One thing I noticed about these three compared to the Spring polishes is that these have a jelly base to them, whereas the last three were pretty opaque.  I really like the color of this polish but I found this one pretty slow to dry and pretty sheer.  I needed three coats below to create an opaque look.

Second of the group is Zoya Bar, which is a chunky nude topaz color.  As opposed to the other two, I found this one to dry really quickly.  It also had a sheer base and I needed three coats for the look below.

Last of the three is Zoya Ginni, which is a chunky rosy pink polish.  This one was like the first polish in that it took a long time to dry.  It was also on the sheer side and needed three coats.

Overall I can't say that I'm in love with these polishes.  While I really liked the three Spring offerings because they were surprisingly opaque, I'm not really a fan of the jelly type base of these.  That being said, I do really like the colors in this group but I felt like they were Spring colors as well, although I am happy to see a radiant orchid color.  If you like more sheer or jelly polishes, these could definitely be for you, they just aren't my cup of tea.  What do you think of these polishes?

*Polishes were sent for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I like these a lot. There so chunky and sparkly.

  2. Oh wow.... They are sooooo pretty ;)

  3. They are soooooo amazing!
    But I can't get them in Germany :-/