Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm on Instagram!

I'm on Instagram!

Hi folks...a rare lunchtime post for me today, just as my Netflix stopped working!  I wanted to do a quick post letting everyone know that I am on Instagram here:


I've found that I really like instagram.  It's like a picture scrapbook of my life.  Just for fun, I wanted to include some personal pics that I've posted on instagram.  If you leave your instagram name in the comments I will follow you back :)

First up is Immie, our newest little addition.  It may seem like I have 800 cats, but really there are three.  I couldn't put up a picture of one and then not the others.  That would just be mean.  She is a 4-year old tabby.  My husband jokes that this is her "mug shot".  It's actually a picture of her I took the day we adopted her in her little room at the Humane Society.

Next up is Lucy, the 3-year old baby of the family.  She's a black and white cat and super sweet.  She meows when you ask her a question and she loves having her face pet.  So much so that she will then drool all over out of a fountain...or a waterfall.  She also likes to sit really close to my face, see above picture.

Last up is not the greatest picture of Millie, a 5-year old tortie.  She's the feistiest cat out of the bunch.  I just love this picture because it looks like she's a blogger :)

I love my house and where we live so I usually take nature pictures of my backyard and town.  Here's a peach tree loaded with peaches in our backyard.  We actually have seven fruit trees-three apple, two peach, and two pear.
Maybelline Color Show Coral Crush
Well this is a nail I had to.  This is my nail of the day, but to be honest, I'm just excited my nails are long enough that I can have them square again.  I'm lame...I know :)

Last up is one of my favorite pictures of my hubby and I.  This was taken last year in Memphis, TN when we took a trip to visit my aunt.


  1. LOVE kitty pics! what color are you wearing in the picture?

    1. Good call Jasmine! It's Maybelline Color Show Coral Crush. It's gorgeous!

    2. Ooooh I shall check that out the next time I go shopping! Thanks!

  2. Your cat is super cute!
    I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award because I enjoy reading your blog. You ca see my post about it here:
    I hope you'll accept!