Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blackhawks Win!

Blackhawks Win Mani!

Hi everyone, happy Thursday!  One day closer to Friday :)  I did have this post planned for yesterday but we had really strong thunderstorms which knocked out our power from 5:30pm to 10pm (gasp!).  Therefore, no post.  This post is for the hubby who is a huge Chicago fan because he grew up there and therefore, a huge Blackhawks fan.  The day before the big game he requested the stripes that are on the Blackhawks jersey.  This is my second attempt at stripes, the first was too poor to show.  Everything was going well until my topcoat smeared the black all over the white.  Regardless, I wanted to show it anyway :)

For those who read my post a few days ago, I mentioned that I was getting my test results on Wednesday.  I had self diagnosed myself with a dairy allergy five months ago and have been dairy-free since then.  The good news is that nothing else was wrong besides my food allergies....and then I looked at the results.  Allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat/gluten, and peanuts.  To put it mildly I was floored.  Now I'm just trying to cope and figure out what to eat.  The good news is that my constant fatigue and being sick every month will finally go away!  Sooooo.....anyone have any experience with the paleo diet ;)

I used a JulieG polish for the red, but it doesn't seem to be labeled with a name (?).  For the white I used Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party and the black is Essie Licorice.  


  1. Oh no! That sucks, but at least you know what to avoid now. There are lots of gluten free dairy free type cookbooks and such available so maybe you should give those a look.
    Very nice mani too! I always have problems with black smearing into other colors :( Nicole from Polish Me Please suggested I apply the top coat in the direction of the stripes. It makes sense and helps a little but feels weird :P

    1. Very true! I picked a cookbook up yesterday and am going to start there :) Thank you for the nice words, that seems like a really good idea to put the topcoat on horizontally.

  2. Whew, good thing it's just allergies :)

  3. Ohhh! Nice :) I love these contrasting colors. I also made stripes today :) Will be on the blog soon.

  4. Well, you made up for it with this post! Love the stripes.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  5. I'm glad you found out what was wrong with you, but those are such common foods. It really sucks. *hugs* <3 This is such a fan mani, and it's sweet that it's dedicated to your hubby! :D

    ~ Yun

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