Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Teal Nails for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Hi polish friends, welcome to Tuesday.  Yesterday I was driving to work and actually thought it was Tuesday.  All within the span of about 30 seconds I went from being really excited to realizing it was Monday yesterday.  Today though, we are hopefully getting our internet fixed.  It works in chunks of about a minute and a half so at this point I want to strangle MediaCom.  We are on the next level of tech and this week they called every single day trying to get us to cancel our appointment because our problems were a normal "city outage".  I doubt everyone in town has had the same problems for the last six months.  As I got ready this morning I played out a conversation in my head of a theoretical conversation with a manager and me yelling to my hearts desire.  Yea....it's bad.

Today for Twinsie Tuesday the prompt was teal nails for ovarian cancer awareness.  I was excited to whip out some teal polish beauties and get to work.  I wanted to keep the polish look simple and let the teal polish shine.  I have a thing for blue polish and teal is one of those polish shades that really is stunning in my opinion.

To create this easy look, I started with a base of a polish I had always wanted to get my hands on, Butter London Slapper.  I finally snagged a mini bottle in a set during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  This teal is vibrant, creamy, and a breeze to work with.  For my dots, I used a small dotting tool and OPI Ski Teal We Drop, a dark teal blue.  I finished off with one coat of HK Girl topcoat.

I can't wait to see the other teal Twinsie looks, I'm a sucker for a good teal polish!

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