Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OPI Peanuts Halloween 2014 Collection-Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, welcome to Wednesday.  I hope the week has been treating you well.  It's another rainy stormy day here.  I was supposed to go in the field for work but I postponed it until tomorrow.  The high starting tomorrow is going to be in the 60's and I'm super excited for that.  That sounds like Fall weather to me!

Today I am excited to show you the Halloween offering from OPI this year and the best part is that they are full-size bottles.  Every year OPI offers a four-bottle mini set but this year there is a full four bottle collection based on the cartoon Peanuts.  The collection consists of two solid colors and two glitters.  I also did do a video on this collection which I will include at the end.  Let's get started.

To Be or Not to Beagle-

First up, one of the glitter offerings.  To Be or Not to Beagle is a black based glitter with black microglitter, black hexes, skinny black bars, and multi-colored hexes in pale lime, pale orange, red, aqua, and cobalt.  The bars didn't stick up off the nail and the glitter applied smoothly like a regular polish, no blobbing and spreading.  I used one coat plus topcoat over Ciate Cookies and Cream.

Good Grief!

Next up, a vibrant yellow cream.  This yellow is sunny, vibrant, and perfect for Fall.  In the bottle I thought it would be too bright for Fall but I wore it for three days over last weekend and fell in love with it.  The formula is a bit tricky, as is the case for most yellows.  It was a bit streaky, needing three careful coats plus topcoat to get the look you see below.

Who are you Calling Bossy?!?

Most posts I've read regarding this collection call this polish a black cream but to me this seems like a black crelly.  The first coat applies slightly more sheer but even and full coverage is achieved with a second coat.  This polish is very shiny and if you didn't want to, you wouldn't need to apply a topcoat.  I used two coats plus topcoat for my swatches below.

Where's My Blanket???

Last up, the second glitter offering.  This polish is a mix of black hexes, black microglitter, pale green/yellow glitter, and pale orange peach colored glitter.  Like the first glitter, it had a great base to glitter ratio making it a breeze to apply.  I used one easy coat over OPI Good Grief! followed by topcoat.  This one reminded me of candy corn!

Overall I was quite pleased with this collection.  I really enjoyed the yellow polish and the two funky, easy to apply, glitter mixes.  There were no problems with the black polish, it just wasn't unique enough for me.  I was also very pleased to see full-sized bottles of all of the polishes in this collection, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and it's nice to see it recognized.  Let me know what you think of this collection down in the comments!


  1. I really like the glitters in this collection. Great swatches and review!

  2. I'm not overwhelmed by the colors, but "too be..." over that nude polish looks great! First time I like seeing that glitter!

  3. I absolutely love the glitter one!! It's very unique and nice. but my favorite is Good Grief! I think it's a very nice deeper banana-ish yellow which is perfect for fall time. I wonder when they'll be available where I live :/ Loved your blog post!


  4. Love that yellow, I need a yellow like that!

  5. Do you know when this collection hits the stores? I'm going crazy waiting for it! I want the mini collection with the nail decals.