Monday, September 29, 2014

OPI Pink of Hearts Duo 2014-Swatches, Review, and Video

Hi there everyone, welcome to Monday.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It really seemed to fly by.  It was pretty uneventful here.  The hubby spent the entire weekend in the crawlspace putting in a sump pump so we can eventually insulate it and I spent the entire weekend working on blog posts and filming about ten or so new videos.  

Today I have some new to release polishes for the month of October, OPI's Pink of Hearts Duo for Breast Cancer Awareness.  This has been an annual tradition for several years now and this years set comes with an already released polish from the core line, a brand new glitter, and a pink glittery nail file.  Let's get right into the polishes.

First up is the new polish, The Power of Pink.  This polish has a very pale pink jelly base with magenta and white hexes and the same colors repeated in microglitters.  This polish is really sweet and it reminded me of a cupcake or frosting.  I'm pretty sure it could be built up to be worn on its own in three coats but I chose to layer it over the second polish, OPI Mod About You.  The formula was really good on this polish.  I applied it normally with no digging for glitter and no dabbing of the glitter.  Swatches are with topcoat.

Next up is OPI Mod About You.  This is a re-released polish already available in stores.  I had heard rumors that this was a reformulated version and in my opinion I think that's true.  Here's what I think the differences are:

New version: Color is a baby pink.  Formula is better and requires two coats.  Had chipping issues within the first 24 hours of wear.

Old version:  Color is a very pale pinky purple.  Formula is harder to work with and needs three coats to be fully opaque.  No apparent chipping issues.

Personally I like the old version better because it doesn't chip on me but I can see why people will like the new version better.

Overall I like this duo, I mean don't we buy this set for the pink glitterbomb anyways?  Will you be picking this duo up this year?


  1. These two are lovely. I really like that crelly one in particular.

  2. I'm very taken with the pink glitter polish ... it's on my wishlist now! :)