Friday, September 26, 2014

Nailstalgia-OPI My Private Jet

Hi everyone, welcome to Friday.  TGIF!  I am thrilled it's Friday.  It's been a busy last few days.  I was up in Chicago for work Wednesday through yesterday.  I've also been battling some kind of stomach thing over the past three weeks.  At this point it's either the Topomax increase that eliminated my migraines or my gallbladder.  I had a gallbladder ultrasound on Tuesday and it came back clear for gallstones so I'm pretty stuck at this point.  I can either reduce my topomax and have my migraines come back and see if that helps my stomach or get a HIDA scan and see if it's really my gallbladder.  Basically I have two choices and either one is either going to be really right or really wrong.  But look at that....I actually remembered to post this on the right day :)

Today's Nailstalgia post is another popular OPI from years ago, OPI My Private Jet.  This polish sat on my lemming list, even though I'm not that big of a fan of holographic polishes...shock horror.  Oddly enough, I found this polish in store this year on the French side of St. Martin in the small town of Margot in a French mall.  You'd better believe I snagged this baby up.  From what I understand, they are many versions of this polish, the most coveted being the charcoal grey holographic version and the brown holographic with a teal flash.  I'm sure that I have the dud brown version but I do know that mine does at least have the holographic particles in it, maybe they all do though....

My version of OPI's My Private Jet is a dark cool-toned grey-ish leaning brown with silver holographic particles.  The formula was very opaque and easy to apply.  I had no formula issues, just a smooth and buttery application.  Below I used two coats with topcoat.

Overall I like My Private Jet but it's just not my favorite polish out there.  I tend to wear it and then not be wowed by it.  In my opinion it just has a lot of hype but doesn't deliver.  What do you think of this polish, do you own it?


  1. Its nice but I agree, its not that unique to me. Its great for fall right now though.

  2. This is a cute post name! I like throwback polishes every so often too. I actually was gifted the original version by a dear friend and to be honest, it's not that much different/better than all the other versions, but it's fun to own it.

  3. I have the one with the teal flash - got it when it first was out - and ya have to remember, the only holos out there pretty much were the ones OPI came out with in the DS line - we were not so jaded as we are now with all the options. The flash in the gray is nice but it's not a huge wow in my book. It sure created a big stir for a lot of years however. But then so too did the the other first holos and we were obsessed with looking at them, esp the linear ones.

  4. I remember when this was all the rage. It's pretty, not overly unique compared to what we've been seeing lately.