Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Biggest Splurge

Hi there everyone, welcome to Tuesday.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Man did I take it easy after work yesterday.  I basically got home and crashed and then went to bed early :)  Probably because I stayed up way too late on Sunday night but to be fair I had a kitty lounging on me staring at me with big Puss in Boots eyes.  I couldn't really say no to the giant kitty eyes willing me to pet her...

Today's Twinsie prompt really excited me because I usually never splurge on polish and I just had!  I also wanted to see what polish pretties tempted my fellow Twinsies :)  Deborah Lippman Stronger is a polish inspired by the song "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson and it was also created with Kelly Clarkson.  I got this polish a few weeks ago and wore it last week to my trip in the field up to Chicago as the full glitter mani below....totally professional, I know.

As always, I took my lazy girl's way out with glitter and decided to layer it over a matching base that I thought would go with the polish.  I started out with a medium dusty periwinkle blue, Barielle Designer's Shoe.  I used one coat of Stronger over my colored base and then finished off with two coats of Seche Vite to smooth everything out.

Stronger at its base is a medium blue/purple sheer jelly with a ton of different glitters in colors like red, periwinkle, blue, silver, holo, and gold.  The base is sheer enough that the glitter doesn't get lost in the base, which is a nice feature.  Also a nice feature is the amount of glitter you get in one coat, I'm sure it would be fully opaque in just two coats.  My only gripe is that the formula is very thick and tricky to work with.  It's definitely not a polish you can apply like a regular formula on the nail, it requires dabbing and working to get it to look nice and even.  The other thing I also did was waited for it to dry slightly and pressed the glitter down so that none was sticking off the nail.

Overall, this polish was quite the splurge and I'm not as thrilled as I thought I would be.  I wanted to be 100% thrilled with it, but the formula was so thick and goopy for the price tag.  I want to try it on its own and over black before I've made my final decision.  It is a pretty polish but I expected a better formula for the price!  What do you think?

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  1. Ugh.... as much as DLs cost, the formula should be amazing. That sucks! Anyway, the glitter is really pretty!

  2. I love glitters in general and this one looks amazing!

  3. This glitter is gorgeous, I love this combo!

  4. I don't like thick glitters that are difficult to work with, BUT, this does look awesome over the base you chose!

  5. Mine has a formula I can totally work with, and I used three coats for a full coverage before - I absolutely adore the combination of glitters and the blue jelly!

  6. I like it a lot. It's so pretty over that base.

  7. Such a pretty glitter! Love how you paired it.