Friday, September 5, 2014

Top 15 Summer to Fall Transitional Nail Polish Picks!

Hi everyone, happy Friday.  Well look at that, I might have actually gotten myself together for the first time in a few months ;)  I had a really boring day at work yesterday and then I suddenly decided I needed to come up with a new post and a video and do it all in one night, so I did.  Considering our internet works in minute and a half spurts I'm surprised it worked out, but here it is, my Summer to Fall transitional polish picks.  It's a weird weather time here in Illinois.  For example, today the heat index is 106, tomorrow will be in the 70's.  I'm not ready for dark vampy colors but I'm also not really into neons anymore either.  Here's 15 polishes I pulled to transition into Fall while keeping a little bit of Summer brightness but going a little bit deeper in color.   The video version of this post is at the end!  On a personal side note, last night I had a weird dream that I needed to buy both the Naked Basics palettes.  I'm just wondering what kind of person has dreams like that, anyone besides me?  *crickets*

1. OPI Amazon...Amazoff-I was surprised to see this in a Spring/Summer collection this year and while I love the color, I just never reached for it because it felt too dark for Summer.  I can see myself reaching for it now and into Fall.

2.Ciate Pool Party-This polish was a freebie add-on with my purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale but this little mini blew me away.  This polish is everything I wanted Essie Butler Please to be (which I recently threw away).  The color is a bright and vibrant cobalt blue and it's amazing!

3. OPI Blue My Mind-This shimmery metallic blue is one of my favorite OPIs, even though they make a lot of these deep blue metallics.  This one is the brightest of them and it really shows up blue on the nail.  Obviously the swatch below is an older one and it looks very bright.  In person, it's more of a deeper lake blue.

4. OPI Teal the Cows Come Home-Yep, I like these frosty metallic-y blues...I know not everyone will.  I chose this polish over OPI Dining Al Frisco because it's more vibrant and has that hint of Summer-y essence to it.

5. Zoya Kelly-This polish reads more Fall to me but it's such a gorgeous and chic color.  On me this polish is a blue grey slate cream and it's nothing I've ever seen before.

6. Zoya Yuna-This next polish is from the new Zoya Fall collections (reviews coming soon), but I knew it had to be included.  This polish is a blue grey base with gold and copper shimmer.  It's stunning, that is all.

7. OPI Do You Have this Color in Stock-holm?-Another vibrant option, this blue-violet cream keeps the vibrancy of Summer but can appear darker indoors.  This is another unique color, unlike anything I've ever seen.

8. OPI You're So Vain-illa-I wanted to include a nude because I'm a big fan of a good opaque nude.  I went with a darker version for the transition to the cooler months. 

9. Celestial Cosmetics Sun Kissed-I would have never thought that I would fall in love with a holo but this one is perfect.  The holo is so strong in all lights and I love the burnt orange color.

10. Butter London Rosie Lee-The rose gold trend continues and I chose this glitter because it's a pinker, darker version of rose gold.

11. Zoya Rocha-Orange screams Fall to me and Zoya Rocha is a bright version of the deep dusty oranges we typically see for Fall.

12. Essie Watermelon-Another bright pick, this polish is another traditional polish but to me it's a bright version of the traditional maroons we see for Fall.

13. Picture Polish Flirt-Ugh, this polish is perfection!  This was a release from a Summer collection and while it's a bright pink, it has a hint of berry.

14. Essie Jamaica Me Crazy-This shimmery purple is bright but not too bright to qualify as a jewel tone to me.

15. OPI OPI Scores a Goal!-Another odd choice for a Spring/Summer collection, but this is a perfect transition color for me into cooler weather.  It's a medium warm red raisin color and I love it.

Leave me a comment with your favorite transition color!


  1. Great picks for your fall transitional colors. There all very nice!

  2. oh, great colors! I love frosty metallic blues too, they're my winter-sports pick ;)

  3. I think all dusty aquas work well. Zoya Wednesday, the new OPI My Dogsled Is a Hybrid... And I'll probably still wear some brights as well, for at least the next couple of weeks. Just not neons. :)

  4. These are great picks especially OPI - Amazoff. I picked it up months ago and found it not quite right for summer. You've reminded me that I need to reach for it!

  5. Zoya Kelly is one of my all-time faves!