Thursday, January 30, 2014

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Collection and How To: Pinterest Swap

Hi everyone, happy Thursday.  I've got a quick post today since I will be headed in the field for work.  I have a collection of five polishes from Revlon.  I got a few questions yesterday on how pinterest swapping works so if you are just interested in that, scroll all the way to the bottom of the post :)

Today I have part of the Revlon Chroma Chameleon Collection.  There are a few other colors of these polishes, but I received these from a giveaway :)  These polishes are supposed to be duochromes from what they look like in the bottle.  The formula for all of these was really sheer.  I used three coats of polish plus topcoat for each of the swatches.


First up, my favorite from the five, Cobalt.  Cobalt is obviously a deep but bright blue with a tiny hint of purple flash.  Three coats provided good coverage but as you can see, this polish is brushstrokey.


Topaz is a light colored cool green with an aqua flash.  Brushstrokey again but good coverage in three coats.


This polish is a medium purple with a dark purple flash.  This was one of the sheerest out of the five, you can still see visible nail line after three coats.


This polish is an aqua colored polish with not much of a flash of any color.  This one covered better and was one of the least brushstrokey.


This polish is a gold green color and I assume it is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel Peridot or OPI Just Spotted the Lizard.  It doesn't live up to the nicer polishes though.  This one was pretty sheer and you can still still visible nail line after three coats, also very brushstrokey.

I wasn't too impressed with these polishes but I'm not complaining since I won them in a giveaway.  I wouldn't recommend any of these unless you see a color that you really love.  

Now onto the "How To".  I briefly mentioned Pinterest swapping in my post yesterday and I got a few questions about it.  Basically pinterest swapping is a way to get rid of your brand new or slightly used polishes for someone else's polishes.  Maybe you got the polish in a giveaway and don't care for it or you received the polish as a gift or simply you bought the color, found out you didn't like the color or it didn't work on your skin tone and it's been sitting there ever since.  

The first step would be to make a pinterest board with polishes you want to swap.  Here is a link to mine so you can see an  It is usually common courtesy to say how used the polish is.  You can say "BN"-brand new, "BNNU"-brand new, never used, or say something like "swatched once", "one mani", "a few manis", something like that.  If it is more used (like it has a visible amount of polish gone), you probably want to take a picture of the bottle so people can see how much of the polish is gone.  

Once you decide to swap, you can search for others boards on pinterest like "nail polish swap", "polish swap", etc.  People also do makeup swaps but that just isn't my thing.  People will say how they prefer to be contacted in the description of the board, otherwise, pinterest comments work just fine.  Keep in mind that some people are just looking to sell and not swap, but it will usually say this.

The last step to swap is contacting a person when you see a polish you like.  The easiest swaps, and the only ones I've been doing, are "swap for swap".  Meaning, you swap the same amount or value of polish, your shipping cancels each others out, and there is no exchange of money involved.  People will ask for your swap board link and let you know if they are interested.  If you agree on polishes, you can exchange addresses over email or private message on Facebook, and that's it. 

In the last week or so I've swapped about 30 bottles of polish, mainly OPIs.  It's a great way to re-home polishes that don't get enough love :)  If you have any questions on this, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to respond!


  1. Oh, these polishes look too sheer :S

  2. I just love these duochrome shades, so pretty, I bet they look good over black as well

  3. Great swatches! Nice that you got them through a giveaway :D

  4. These are all super pretty, but cobalt catches my eye the most!