Friday, January 3, 2014

Macaroon Nail Art

Hi everyone, yay for Friday!  Boo for such cold temperatures.  Judging by my instagram feed, most everyone else is feeling it too.  Today I have some nail art that I did last weekend after seeing a bunch of pictures of macaroons on pinterest.  I've never tried a macaroon but they just look so delicate and pretty!  I wanted to re-create that on my nails :)

To create this look, I started with a base of Ciate Amazing Gracie, which is a sheer pale pink.  To create the macaroons I used nail polish and a dotting tool.  The colors I used include OPI Stranger Tides, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, Zoya Areej, OPI In the Cable Car-pool Lane, Zoya Livingston, Zoya Louise, Zoya Micky, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and Zoya Sara.

Then I decided to give it some matte topcoat.  I think it really softens the look.  Usually I always prefer the glossy version but this time I really prefer the matte version.

So tell me, have you ever tried a macaroon?


  1. So cute! These kind of also look like colorful coffee beans which are just as cute!!

  2. so cute! you should definitely try some macaroons! they are as tasty and amazing as the pictures make them look!

  3. Oh these are so cute, I loooove macaroons ;)

  4. adorable! I've always wanted to try a macaroon, but I can't find any in North Carolina!

  5. omg how cute are these! I love that you applied the matte coat! It looks awesome! :D