Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Beyond The Nail: 5 Polishes!

Hi everyone, happy Hump Day!  I hope your week is going by well!  Today I have a section wide meeting at work (to last the entire day) which is our very first.  I'm not really sure what to expect because it's unheard of for all of us.  I guess we will see how it goes :)  If all else fails, I painted my nails a bright dandelion yellow so I can stare at them.  If that doesn't work, I can stare at the pegasus curtains in the conference room and wonder what decade thought those were a good idea (picture to follow on instagram).

Today I am excited to show you a new-to-me Indie brand.  I originally won a gift card for Beyond The Nail and ended up picking out five mini bottles of polish so I could try out a bunch of glitters :)  Let's get right into it!  I won't be mentioning the formulas of any of these polishes in the sections below.  I had zero problems with the formulas on any of these.  They all applied smoothly with no digging for glitter and no problems with thin or thick formulas.  Yay!

Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress is a glitter topper with large yellow flowers, silver hearts, long white bars, shreds and flakies, light blue hex, pastel pink squares, blue hex, and micro iridescent glitters in a clear base.  For the swatches below I used two coats of Vintage Dress over the plain black, Essie Licorice.  I thought this polish was so unique and delicate.  I loved the look over black because you could really see every unique piece of glitter in the polish.  I also did not dig for the larger glitters.  Love this one!

Blushing Elephant

Blushing Elephant is a glitter topper with wild watermelon pink hexes, larger matte grey hexes, and black hexes in a clear base.   I thought the glitter combination in this polish was really cute and funky.  I like anything that's funky or a little bit different and I thought the name was really cute!  For the swatches below, I used two coats of Blushing Elephant over OPI Mod About You.


Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is a glitter topper with micro red hexes, cherry red squares, large creamy yellow hexes, bright white hexes, and matte grey hexes.  This polish was the only one I wasn't in love with out of all the glitters that I picked.  I think a lighter base color like a cool grey might make all the difference and to be fair, red really isn't my kind of color.  I'm pretty sure I ended up picking this one for its name but if you are a red glitter fan, I think this would be a hit.  I used two coats of Cherry Bomb over Zoya Maria.

Summer Citrus

Summer Citrus is a glitter topper filled with soft pink, bright yellow, pastel yellow, very pale pastel green, and medium orange glitter.  Oh summer in a bottle...this is it!  This polish reminded me of sherbert colors and I absolutely loved it.  I used two coats of Summer Citrus over OPI A Roll in the Hague.

Evening Rainbow

Evening Rainbow is a glitter topper with a mix of chunky and fine glitter in red, yellow, blue, lavender, and white.  Oh man is this a pretty polish!  My favorite thing about this polish was the tiny micro colored glitters, they seemed to just transform my base color.  For the swatches below, I used two coats of Evening Rainbow over OPI Live and Let Die.

Overall I was really pleased with my first experience with Beyond The Nail.  I really loved the glitter combinations in each of the polishes and they seemed really well thought out and executed.  Cherry Bomb was the only polish that I didn't love just based on my personal preference, but the rest I was thrilled with.  My only negative would be the brush that came in the mini bottles.  I thought the brush seemed a little small for the bottle, although I didn't have any application problems.  Maybe that's just another personal preference.

Beyond The Nail polish is created by two sisters located in Canada.  Their polish is available through Etsy and you can find their shop here.


  1. These polishes are so cute! I love the colours in Blushing Elephant! :)

    1. I think they are adorable! I love the watermelon color in Blushing Elephant!

  2. These glitters you chose are so pretty!! Lovely swatches too :)

  3. These are all SO cute and you picked perfect base colours for each one!! :)

  4. OMG the tiny bottles are soo cute, I actually really like all of these!

  5. Pegasus Curtains! hahaha! The polishes are really interesting and your swatches are beautiful.

  6. These glitters are so cute! Love the bottles too :D