Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OPI Swatch Spam-4 polishes

Hi everyone, happy Hump Day.  Hopefully your week is going well.  Not much new to report around here.  I did make it to the gym again this morning, that's two days in a row and I'm pretty proud of that.  It's cold here, but that's pretty much the same everywhere else and tomorrow I have to go in the field for work.  I'm trying to not let that ruin my day though and am trying to focus on the positive.  That's been one of my biggest goals for this year, to have a positive attitude.  

Today I have some OPI swatch spam to show you...again.  These are some of my most popular posts so I guess that means people don't mind them :)  I do show a lot of OPIs on my blog and I figure I should explain a little.  OPI holds meaning to me because it was my very first non-drugstore brand.  I like them and I like to collect them.  I never pay full price for them and usually I end up averaging about $4 a bottle using coupons, finding clearance, etc.  And yes, my husband is fine with it, he encouraged me to start my blog in the first place :)  Also, I'm not into shopping for clothes, makeup, purses, or shoes so that's also why he doesn't mind it.  Let's jump right in now.

First up, OPI Cute Little Vixen.  I had a previous post on the majority of the OPI Winter Mariah Carey shades because I had found them all on clearance at Ulta.  I wasn't dying to get this collection because I don't really like Mariah Carey, however this was one of the shades I did want.  I usually check Ulta every weekend for polish and found this one last weekend on clearance.  Maybe they found it in the back that week or something?  

Cute Little Vixen is a magenta shimmer.  This one surprised me because it looks much more red in the bottle, but leans pinker on the nail.  It kind of reminds me of OPI Diva of Geneva a little bit.  The formula was fantastic, I used two easy coats with topcoat.

Next up was the other one I wanted from that collection but couldn't find.  Then I found this one last weekend, same as the one above.  OPI Ski Slope Sweetie is not a polish I would go for but it is stunning on the nail.  It's a white with a ton of gold shimmer.  I either used two or three coats below but there were no problems with the formula.

Third is OPI Live and Let Die.  I've had this polish in a mini since last Christmas and never used it because I thought I wouldn't like it......Wrong!  Live and Let Die is a deep cool green with gold shimmer and it's really pretty on the nail.  The only downside was that it did chip quickly on me.  Two coats with topcoat below.

Last up is OPI Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI.  I got this polish in a pinterest swap (before last week I didn't know there was such a thing).  I really wanted to love this one because it's a mid-tone purple with copper shimmer.  For me, it just fell flat on the nail, I just couldn't see the shimmer like you can in the bottle.  Maybe I need to try this one when we have some sun.  Two coats with topcoat below.

There you have it, more OPI spam.  I just did trades on pinterest for more OPIs, over 20 expect to see more in the future ;)  Do you own any of these colors?


  1. You wear all 4 of these beautifully!! The only one I own out of these is Dutch'Ya Just Love OPI and now I need the rest. I checked the clearance rack at my Ulta when I was there this past weekend but didn't REALLY look around. I used to get a deal on OPIs too since I had a friend who is a hairstylist and she could get them for me for half off but we had a falling out so now I can't get them but no worries whatsoever ( sorry that was too much info and not really relevant, haaha! ), not that important.

    Pinterest swap, what? This is the first time I've heard of that too!

  2. Great OPI swatches! There all such pretty colors ;)

  3. These OPI polishes are gorgeous! Your swatches are great! Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI is such a nice purple! Sadly I don't have any OPI polishes but I think I might just have to treat myself to a few! :)

  4. Ski Slope Sweetie is stunning! Your swatches are gorgeous as well!

  5. Great swatches! Love ski slope sweetie!

  6. these are all really pretty, the white one is definitely way nicer on the nail than in the bottle. i love the purple but i do love purple...

  7. I love the look of all of these!! <3 Beautiful swatches!

  8. Love the first two especially. OK fess up - tell us how a Pinterest swap works

  9. I love post like this. I love nail polish, but nail art not so much. I enjoy seeing and reading about how a polish performs. There's nothing as pretty or classy as smooth, well polished nails. And it's not as easy to get as some folks think. Great post!