Sunday, January 5, 2014

OPI Mariah Carey Collection-swatches and review (10 polishes)

Hi everyone, happy Sunday.  We are in the midst of a massive snow storm today so I will definitely be staying in.  Today I have swatches of the Mariah Carey winter OPI collection.  I realize this collection is very late but initially I didn't plan on picking up any of the shades.  Right before Christmas I stopped at Ulta and found them all on sale.  The good news is, if you plan on picking up any of these shades, they are marked down now.  I've seen them at my Ulta and they are also still available online at places like Ulta and Amazon.   Tomorrow however, I will be showing you all seven shades in the brand new OPI Gwen Stefani collection.  I'll just say that I'm really excited about it :)

Today I have 10 of the 18 shades from the collection.  For ones that don't have bottle shots, that just means that I bought the mini set with the color in it.  I didn't have super high expectations for these shades because I thought it was just a bunch of reds and golds.  I'll let you know what I think of each polish below.

Warm Me Up

First up, Warm Me Up.  This was the shade I was most excited about.  I planned on buying a full bottle but every time I went to Ulta they were always out, so I had to settle for the set with the mini.  Warm Me Up is a shimmery brown polish.  I thought it was a unique polish because it was slightly metallic and I liked that.  It had a great formula and covered evenly with two coats.  Below is two coats with topcoat.

It's Frosty Outside

I'm still not 100% on textures so I settled for the mini three pack after seeing swatches of It's Frosty Outside on Did My Nails.  Man it looked pretty!  I wore this polish the weekend of my sister's graduation and it looked just as good after four days as it did when I applied it.  It's Frosty Outside is a glitzy silver textured polish and I thought it was just beautiful.  I applied two easy coats, no topcoat.


Out of the three liquid sands, I didn't think I would like this one.  Wrong again!  Emotions is a black liquid sand.  I thought this one looked really cool and edgy on the nail.  The first coat was on the sheer side but it build up nicely.  Below is two coats with no topcoat.

Kiss Me at Midnight

This polish is a frosty bright blue and silver liquid sand.  It was cool and just really beautiful.  I used two coats without topcoat below.

Wondrous Star

Wondrous Star is a combination of gold micro glitter and small black glitter.  This polish was glitter dense enough to be opaque on its own in three coats.  I thought this polish was really unique and I quite liked it.  I used three coats with topcoat below.

Visions of Love

This polish is a vampy maroon crelly.  I loved this polish!  The formula was good, the color was fantastic, and it was just so darn glossy.  I used two coats with topcoat below.

My Favorite Ornament

This polish is a light champagne gold glitter.  It was super glitter dense making it opaque in two coats.  I barely needed a second coat.  I used two coats with topcoat below.

Underneath the Mistletoe

A red crelly polish with fuchsia undertones and silver micro glitter.  This one was just okay for me.  I used two coats with topcoat below.

I Snow You Love Me

This polish has holographic silver circle glitter in a clear base.  I didn't even attempt to apply this one like a normal polish.  I dabbed it on a paper plate and applied the glitter with a small nail art brush.  Although it does require a little more effort, I really did like the effect.  The glitter look 3D on the nail.  Glitters were placed over Warm Me Up, plus topcoat.

All Sparkly and Gold

Last up, is another gold micro glitter polish, this time a deeper more antiqued looking gold.  This polish was dense as well and I used two coats with topcoat below.

Overall, I liked this collection a lot more than I thought I would and some of the polishes really surprised me.  My picks are the three liquid sands, Visions of Love, My Favorite Ornament, and I Snow You Love Me.  So, did you pick up any of these polishes?


  1. Wow, you go girl, so many watches! I love Kiss me at midnight!!

    1. Haha, yea, good thing I like swatching :) I love that one too, it's so vibrant!

  2. Beautiful swatches! I picked up two (Underneath the Mistletoe and Ski Slope Sweetie). I might go back for Warm Me Up and maybe the rose or lavender liquid sand.

    As much as I love what you did with I Snow You Love Me, I find this polish to be a disappointment. It defeats the purpose of having a polish if you are just placing the glitter. I'd skip the $9 and just go in my glitter supply and grab some holo silver dots. :P

    1. Ooooh, Ski Slope Sweetie, I couldn't find that one in stores! Good point with your thoughts on I Snow You Love Me (admittedly I'm a sucker for OPI).

  3. Oh, nice! You're the second person I know who also liked Emotions more than she thought she would. I haven't tried Warm Me Up or All Sparkly and Gold yet, but ... I totally need to do it. At this rate, I might be hoarding as much gold as Smaug ... in nail polish, anyway.

    1. Haha, best comment ever.....hoarding as much gold as Smaug :)

  4. I've been going back and forth with myself on getting Warm Me Up and I think you just gave me the final push. SOLD! ;)

  5. Oh my! So many beautiful swatches! I think It's Frosty Outside, Kiss Me At Midnight and Wondrous Star are going to be on my wishlist now lol. I love your nails btw!