Thursday, January 9, 2014

Comparison Post: OPI Gwen Stefani Collection

Hi everyone, happy Thursday/Friday.  This post is at a very unusual time for me but I felt weird not posting anything today even though I have tons of content prepped and ready to go :)  I was super swamped at work this morning and didn't have the time to write a post and then tomorrow I'm going to be in the field all day, i.e. a long explanation when I'm just saying I was busy :)  How's that for a boring intro ha!

Today I have a comparison post with shades similar to the OPI Gwen Stefani collection.  I pulled polishes I thought were similar and also ones I was wondering about myself.  Let's get right into it!

First up, OPI Visions of Love VS. OPI I Sing in Color.  This was one I was wondering about myself since I got the polishes within two weeks of each other.  I Sing in Color is clearly a darker vampy shade and Visions of Love definitely has more red to it.  What I love about both is how glossy they are and honestly I really love both.

Next up, OPI Over and Over A-Gwen VS. Zoya Livingston VS. Essie Snap Happy.  I thought Snap Happy would be similar but clearly I was mistaken as it is much lighter.  I couldn't tell the different between Over and Over A-Gwen and Zoya Livingston, I ever put a stripe of one over the other and still couldn't tell.  The difference is in the formula.  OPI Over and Over A-Gwen has a crelly finish and Zoya Livingston is a cream.

Next up, OPI In True Stefani Fashion VS. OPI Which is Witch?  Ever since Which is Witch? came out, it's been my favorite silver glitter.  Well, In True Stefani Fashion beats it for me.  There are a bunch of differences in these two polishes, the biggest being that the photo shows two coats of Which is Witch? (which includes bar glitter) versus only one coat of In True Stefani Fashion (which includes holographic squares). 

Last up, the pink comparison, OPI Hey Baby VS. OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips VS. OPI I'm Indi-a Mood for Love.  These were all pretty close.  Hey Baby is the most different in that it is a warmer pink than the two others and it has a dusty, muted quality.  I'm Indi-a Mood for Love is cooler and has a purple tone to it and Kiss Me on my Tulips is cooler and has a crisp and clear color (as opposed to being dusty). 

This is my very first true comparison post and I hope you enjoyed it!  Were you on the fence about any of these?


  1. i LOVE comparison posts - not only does it help me narrow down my shopping/wish list, but it's also a great way to get a feel for the TRUE color of a new polish, because cameras and computer monitors vary so much. but if you show a new color next to a color i already have, then i have a "real life" reference point to know the true color in my own eyes. so for me, posts like this are a win-win. thanks for doing this one! :)

  2. Great post!! I quite like comparison posts especially when they save me money ;) thanks for the great info lady!! :)

    1. LOL! Totally agree! (And they help me NOT buy dupes... Oh I feel so silly when that happens..)

  3. Thanks for the comparisons! Glad to see there are some differences between Kiss Me On My Tulips and Hey Baby. I felt sure they'd be dupes (yet I own both anyways haha) but looks like they aren't quite the same!

  4. Wow you have a lot of OPI colors!

  5. Lovin, I Sing In Color. Thank you for showing the base of the bottle to show polish number info <3

  6. Love this!! I wish I had so many OPI's that I could write a post like this haha! I really love I Sing In Color and Visions In Love, I'd love to get one but I'm not sure which one I like more! =)

  7. I love how squishy Visions of Love looks!

  8. Ahh great comparisons. I was and still am on the fence about these shades...they look great, but definitely polish colors I probably have...thanks for sharing this! :D

  9. Great comparison post, very useful!!!