Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Skittles

Hi guys, welcome to Tuesday.  I'm about to start a rant/story so if you don't want to read, please skip ahead :)  So yesterday at work was fine and I was super excited to use up some Kohls cash so I headed there after work.  I got there and decided to test the LORAC Afterglow palette.  I did what I would do in any beauty store, swiped it with my finger and swatched it on the back of my hand.  After watching me for several swatches, an employee calls over to me from across the beauty section telling me I can't do what I'm doing and that I need to be using q-tips because I'm being unhygienic.  I stood there in disbelief after she called out to me to scold me and then found my way to the end of the aisle where the q-tips sat at knee height.  After all that, I still wanted the palette and couldn't find another person to ask so I had to go back to "make up your own policy woman" who told me they were sold out and then told me to Ulta to get it.  So first, if you have a certain policy, at least post a sign about it instead of shouting at customers in front of everyone else in the area.  I also feel the need to point out that these were some of the grossest testers I've ever seen anywhere.  Second, if she had been informed whatsoever, she would know that that palette is a Kohls exclusive (we are in the middle of Illinois so we literally have one Kohls near this area).  I got home and wrote an email about it to Kohls because I was so upset.  Ultimately it's not about the makeup, it was that this woman humiliated me.  End Kohls rant.

For today's prompt of skittles, I had an entire patriotic 4th of July mani planned out but I had a fierce migraine and had just had my fun little Kohls experience so I transformed the mani I was wearing.  I was originally wearing Sally Hansen Minted Metal, which is the mint chrome on my ring finger.

I had no plan in mind so I went with a mint, white, and black theme.  Here's what I used on each nail:

Pointer-Zoya Wednesday, Maybelline Color Show Clearly Spotted
Middle-OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, China Glaze For Audrey, Essie Fashion Playground
Ring-Sally Hansen Minted Metal, Essie Licorice, OPI Solitaire,  Maybelline Clearly Spotted
Pinky-OPI Solitaire, Zoya Wednesday

I really liked the outcome of this mani, especially all the different shades of mint and dusty turquoise.  I hope you guys liked this combo and you can see the other Twinsie's manis down below.

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  1. Wednesday and Solitaire look so good together!

  2. I think these turned out really cute! So sorry to hear about your Kohls experience! That's horrible! I'm pretty sure my Kohls has maybe two employees because they're never around anywhere! I'm be pretty heated too though!! I've always said beauty bloggers know 1,000% more than techs and employees, that woman helps prove my theory!

  3. What a great skittle! Love the combination of colors you used. So sorry to hear about your terrible experience. That women sounded so rude and I agree, there was a better way she could have talked to you too.

  4. This turned out great; especially since you weren't even planning on doing it!

  5. I'm sorry about the sucky lady at kohls! These nails are beautiful though!

  6. I just love this color combo! Hopefully you can find that palette at a different location.

  7. Sorry to hear about Khol's. But glad to see this beautiful mani you did! Each design goes so well together!

  8. Poor customer service gets me fuming so I totally get it. But this mani is absolutely stunning!

  9. sorry about the awful customer service you experience. this mani looks great though, love the color combo!