Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recent NOTDs-Beginning of July

Hi there guys.  I just have a quick post today because I am going to be in the field for work today and tomorrow.  I'm not looking forward to that but the exciting thing is that I'm getting my hair done today after work.  I decided I wanted to go redder with my hair this time, so it's actually noticeably auburn red.  I'm excited but also a little nervous ;)  Maybe I'm just one of those people who will always be battling with my hair haha!

Today I have some of my recent "nails of the day".  I had a hard time with my migraines for most of this month so far so I wasn't the best at documenting every single day.  I compiled what I had and there's at least a few fun combinations. 

July 1-I really liked this quirky combination, it was very citrus-y.  This combination is OPI Call Me Gwen-ever, Orly Glowstick, and OPI Extra-va-vaganza.

July 4-This was the nail design I wore for the actual fourth of July.  The base is OPI Angel with a Leadfoot.  The glitter is Lumina Lacquer Dance in the Rain.  On my accent nail I used one coat of Northern Star Polish Phantasmagoric and polka dots with a mystery red that I can't recall.

July 6-Can you tell I used an older swatch photo for this one?  ;)  This day was a nice and easy cream polish, OPI Amazon...Amazoff.

July 7-Whoa there glitter bomb!  This was a really fun combination for me and I really enjoyed wearing it.  This is Essie Jamaica Me Crazy with Essie Jazzy Jubilant.

July 8-This one was a little different for me because I don't wear red polish on a regular basis.  I really liked this one though, I notice I lean towards the darker reds because they seem more flattering on me.  This is OPI The Thrill of Brazil with an accent nail of OPI Rose of Light.

July 9-Back again to my chartreuse trend for Summer, I always seem to gravitate towards this color for summer.  This is a simple manicure of OPI Life Gave Me Lemons.

July 10-Ugh, I love this polish!  This is OPI The Sky's My Limit from the new Mustang collection.

July 11-Another favorite of mine from this month, this is Essie Strut Your Stuff, with an accent nail of Essie Mint Candy Apple with Formula X Turbulent.

I hope you guys are still liking this kind of post, I apologize for slacking at the beginning of this month, I'm trying to get back into it.  Have a great day everyone, tomorrow's Friday woooo!


  1. Love all these manicures you wore in the beginning of July!

  2. These round-ups are fun! I especially like the first combination and generally OPI Life gave me Lemons. So pretty.

  3. Great job on the manis!!!!!!!!! I wish my nails looked as good as yours :)