Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Perfect Barielle Manicure & Giveaway!

Hi there everyone, happy Wednesday.  Today is a full day of doctor's appointments for me, the big day if you will.  Cross your fingers that I get some answers.  Today is a good day for all of you though because it's giveaway time again!  I was contacted by Barielle to create my version of the Perfect Barielle Manicure.  Get ready for some nakey nails....yikes ;)  Sorry they are stained, that's the nail blogger life I guess haha!

Below is a picture of everything I used and everything that you can win for yourself.

First step....remove that old polish.  I choose the Love Your Nails acetone-free remover towelettes.  My nails are on the longer side so I needed two towels for all ten nails.  These wipes were very moisturizing and left my nails feeling hydrated.  I also thought these would be perfect for travel. 

Step two was something I am just getting into because I can have some pretty unruly cuticles.  My nails grow very quickly and so do my cuticles.  Let me tell you, this cuticle remover absolutely rocks.  I applied it to my cuticles, let it sit for two minutes, and then used the wooden stick that came with the remover to get rid of my excess cuticles and push them back.  This product worked so well for me.  I used this about five days ago and my cuticles are still looking nice and neat.

After those cuticles are taken care of, the next step is an important one in starting your nail painting.  Base coat.  Base coats are important for nail health as well as making your nail polish stay on longer.  Barielle has many base coats to choose from but I went with a rebuilding base because my nails are naturally very thin.

Now onto the colorful part, the actual polish.  I wanted to pick a polish that would suit many different skin tones and was appropriate for Summer.  I feel like I have a constant battle trying to find a good peach polish and I finally found one.  Barielle Peach Popsicle is a bright medium peach cream and it applied like a dream.  I needed to easy coats for the photo below.

Time to seal in that pretty color with a good topcoat.  I choose a fast drying shiny topcoat, seriously, look at that shiny finish.  The drying time was decent and there was no chemical smell with this topcoat.

Last up, a product I have been a big fan of, Barielle's Nail Strengther Cream.  I have used this cream before and I can honestly say that it has made a difference in the strength of my nails.  I either apply a small amount around the entire nail area or slather it all over and wear gloves overnight while I sleep.

There are all the steps to my perfect Barielle manicure.  Now it's your chance to win everything shown above.  The first photo shows the exact prize you will win.  All products are brand new and unopened.  Barielle is the sponsor of this giveaway, so thank you to Barielle!  

Giveaway will be open for two weeks and is open to the US only.  I have the prize in hand and will be shipping it directly to the winner.  I am not responsible for the package once it leaves my hands.  Enter down below and please no cheating.

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  1. Also good luck at the doctor's!

  2. I hope your doctor's appointment goes well! These products sound very nice to create the perfect manicure too.

  3. Anything pastel is usually my perfect mani.

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  4. Right now my perfect mani color is OPI's Party in my Cabana. I have just fallen in love with this shade.

  5. Best of luck during your doctors appointment, I hope that you get some answers!

    My perfect manicure color would be nude or neon green. :)

  6. I'm a sucker for purples and pinks!