Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday-Nature Inspired

Hi guys, welcome to Tuesday.  Hopefully the week is treating you well so far.  Today is quite the day of opposites for me.  On one hand, I am super excited because my friend Lindsey just had her little baby girl around 5am this morning.  I hope we will be able to see them all soon, I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night because I knew she was at the hospital.  On the other hand, I have my mid-year review at 9am this morning, which I am less than thrilled about.  Although it's in no way fair, things from last year messed up the beginning of this year work wise and I suffered the consequences of that.  I don't think one thing should be a black mark two years in a row but there's nothing to do about that.  Anyways, onto the nails.

Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is nature inspired and boy did I take some creative license on this one.  I couldn't think of anything traditional "nature-y" to do so I went to my nail art inspiration pinterest board and found this picture.  The thought of recreating the electric palm trees was really exciting, so that's what I went with :)

To create this look, I started with a plain black base of Essie Licorice.  The rest of the design was just a matter of taking a small thin nail art brush and making wispy palm fronds.  Here's the colors I used:

Purple-OPI A Grape Fit
Dark blue-Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Pink-OPI Hey Baby
Orange-OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-go?
Aqua-Essie In the Cabana

I hope you guys enjoyed this creative take on nature inspired nail art.  I can't wait to see what my fellow Twinsies do!

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  1. Welcome to the world to your friend's little baby! Today's my daughter's 3rd birthday as well! Anyway, I pray things go well for you during your review. This look is fierce!

  2. These are great! Those bright palm fronds really pop off that black base too.

  3. Love! It looks especially great over black.

  4. Beautiful! I love how graphic the bright colors look with the black base!

  5. love the abstract feel of this!

  6. These are gorgeous! I hope your review went ok!

  7. what a fun take on today's prompt! well, yesterdays prompt since it is now Wednesday! Really loving the colors!