Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Gifted Polish

Hi there everyone, another quick post for me today :/  The good news is that my pain in the butt project I've been working nights and weekends on is finally gone and done.  The bad news is that I have one day (today) to start and finish my next project.  I guess it means it's only one day of stress, right?  At least that's what I'm telling myself.  

Today's TT theme of gifted polish was a difficult one...at first.  No one really gives me polish because they just assume I have every bottle of polish, ever.  Then I realized that my sister made me some polish and sent it to me as a surprise.  I was so touched when I got the package because it was so nice and completely unexpected.  Today I'm going to show you one of the colors.

Night Skies is a polish my sister made that has a blue base and blue and purple glitters.  To swatch this polish I used one coat over China Glaze Secret Periwinkle.  I think some of the glitters lost their color but that doesn't matter one bit to me :)

There you have it, one of my gifted polishes.  What is the best polish someone ever gave you?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. your reason is the exact reason no one buys me polish. it's kind of sad, isn't it? Loving this squishy jelly! blues are my favorites!

  2. That is so sweet of your sister! Its a pretty shade too.

  3. Kinda reminds me of the Katy Perry Teenage Dream one from OPI even though they aren't that similar.

  4. Ah that was lovely of her, It looks amazing on you too!

  5. This is really pretty, I love it! How awesome!!

  6. This is beautiful and so sweet!!!!!

  7. I feel like people buy me mini sets with lots of colors because they think if they buy me just one or two shades that i will have them already lol
    Very nice gift from your sis!

  8. Aw your sister is amazing! This is beautiful!

  9. Your sister did an awesome job! This is beautiful.